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Day 56: budget bosses revealed

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 26 November 2008

Tuesday 25 November 2008: Barack Obama names his top team at the office of management and budget.

Two more names to add to the roll call of appointments. Peter Orszag is confirmed as director, and Rob Nabors the deputy director, of the White House office of management and budget, which oversees and supervises spending.

Obama gives a press conference announcing the appointments

Orszag is currently director of the Congressional budget office and - appropriately for they web-savvy Obama campaign - an active blogger. He makes his final post, saying he has resigned from the CBO.

Nabors is already an OMB veteran, having worked there for five years during the Clinton era.

Obama gives a press conference (video above) welcoming the pair and renewing his campaign promise to go through the budget, zapping waste.

He singles out a report that day claiming millionaire farmers received $49mn in crop subsidies between 2003 and 2006, despite earning more than the $2.5mn subsidy cut-off. If it's true, they'd better watch out.

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