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Poll shows 11 point Labour lead

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 25 September 2007

Labour's lead has risen to 11 points after Gordon Brown's first conference speech as leader, according to Channel 4 News poll.

The YouGov opinion poll, which began after Gordon Brown finished his keynote address yesterday, puts Labour on 44 points, eleven points ahead of the Conservatives on 33. The Lib Dems' support is squeezed further, to 13 points.

On Monday a poll of polls in the Independent put Labour on 38 points, a lead of just four points over the Tories, with the Lib Dems on 17. If Labour were to win a similar share of the vote at a general election, they could expect a majority even larger than Blair's landslides in 1997 and 2001.

But such an extraordinary result is unlikely - leaders often receive a temporary bounce in the polls after a party conference. But these results will add weight to those within the party who are calling on the Prime Minister to call an early election.

However, voters polled by YouGov did not favour an election this year. The Channel 4 News poll asked "when do you think it would it be in Britain's best interests for an election to be held?"

Support for an early election was uniform across the supporters of different parties.

Only 29 per cent said "this autumn". 39 per cent said next year (2008), while nine per cent chose 2009, nine per cent chose 2010, and fifteen per cent said they didn't know.

Support for an early election was uniform across the supporters of different parties. 31 per cent of Conservative supporters favoured an early poll, compared with 30 per cent of Labour supporters and 29 per cent of Liberal Democrats.

Conservatives expressed the most support for an election in 2008 - with 46 per cent favouring an election in that year. Labour supporters were the most cautious about the possibility of an early election, with just 36 per cent of Labour supporters prefering a poll in 2008. 39 per cent of Lib Dems called for a poll this year.

YouGov polled a sample of 1341 adults for this poll.

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