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Plaid Cymru pledge to 'protect' vulnerable

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 13 April 2010

Plaid Cymru has launched its election manifesto by pledging to protect the vulnerable and front-line public services from Whitehall cuts.

Ieuan Wyn Jones

The Welsh nationalist party said it will go into the election campaigning on a platform that "reflects the conscience, values and priorities of the people of Wales".

Plaid leader Ieuan Wyn Jones, Wales's deputy first minister, said: "We have 23 days left until the people decide what they want for Wales in the coming decade.

"The choice between Labour cuts or Tory cuts is no choice at all.

"The need is there clear today, for a record team of Plaid MPs to push Wales to the top of the political agenda."

The party won three seats at the last general election, and hopes its MPs will secure concessions for their support if there is a hung parliament.

Ieuan Wyn Jones said his party is driven by a "moral spur" to protect the most vulnerable people in society.

He pledged Plaid will prioritise the needs of Welsh families and communities while the opposing "London parties" compete for the support of "Middle Britain".

He said: "Plaid makes no apologies for doing everything possible in our power, to protect our country. The people of Wales have a right to expect nothing less.

"Protecting our schools, protecting our hospitals, our jobs and our pensioners. These are the priorities of the people of Wales. These are Plaid's priorities going into this election."

"Our message to the people of Wales is this: the greater the vote for Plaid, the better the deal for the people of Wales."

Jones says that better deal for Wales will be secured by siding with the SNP in the event of a hung parliament.

Jones said: "We will be working with our allies, the SNP, to create a formidable bloc of celtic MPs to stand up for our nations."

The seven areas of policy Plaid will campaign on include tackling the deficit by ending "unnecessary" government spending on ID cards and replacing Trident.

It has pledged to raise taxes for the "very wealthy" and close loopholes and will separate high street banks from investment operations to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis.

Plaid Cymru pledged to negotiate increased funding for Wales's devolved budget, claiming Wales is short-changed by Whitehall by £300m a year.

It has demanded Labour honour the Welsh Assembly's request for a referendum on devolving primary law-making powers.

The party also wants to bring UK troops home from Afghanistan and improve care for veterans.

The party promised to introduce a "living pension", starting with the over-80s, by replacing pension credits and entitling a single person to an increased basic pension of at least £130 a week and couples £202 a week.

Plaid say it will develop an environmental action plan which includes high-speed electrified railways to Wales.

Jones said: "Labour's mismanagement of the economy and the Tories' complicity in deregulating the banks will lead to the introduction of massive cuts in public spending.

"As a result, this election will be fought on the basis of the values and priorities which you bring to the process of addressing those cuts.

"In our case it is about protecting the vulnerable, particularly pensioners and children; about protecting those front-line services on which we depend, schools and hospitals; and making sure that resources are targeted at protecting jobs and training."

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