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Martin Lewis interview

By Jon Snow

Updated on 08 October 2008

Our interview with savings expert Martin Lewis about the Icelandic banking crisis has generated much debate. What do you think?

Joining us on the programme was Martin Lewis from the website - he advised people to put their money in Icesave - and Stephen Burton,a retired solicitor who had £150,000 invested in it.

Watch the interview again here:

What do you think?

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This is just a short message to express how strongly I feel that the interview I saw yesterday evening on the Channel 4 News with Martin Lewis was completely unfair and inappropriate.

I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing as Jon Snow held onto such an unreasonable line of questioning with Mr. Lewis.

While it may have been interesting and pertinent to briefly question the Money Saving Expert on the advice he had given to savers with regard to Icesave, it was quite clear from the intelligent and coherent answers Martin gave that he had been totally blameless for anyone's suffering as a result of yesterday's financial storms.

It would have been a much more fruitful interview to ask the expert for his opinions and further advice on yesterday's events, rather than to misguidedly direct public feeling against him.

(I understand that the man sat next to Martin, who was suffering from potentially serious losses through investing in Icesave, had in no way been influenced to invest by Martin's advice - this fact appears to make the nature of the interview even more incredible.)

I am just one of many who regularly benefits from Martin's free advice.


Whilst we consider Jon Snow to be one of the best media interviewers around and always watch Channel 4 news for the day's events, we were astounded by the whole set up and public humiliation of the Martin Lewis interview.

With regards to the Icelandic banks, we had opened an account with one of them (on the advice of a Sunday Times "expert").

Martin's email however alerted us to the potential problems and guided us to how best to spread our hard-earned savings - we cancelled the account immediately, spread the cash and happily still have it.

So rather than berate the chap, perhaps next time you interview the PM may you suggest to him that he bring into the cabinet the nation's Money Saving Expert as chancellor?

Angela and Mark

I was appalled by the way your news reader treated Martin Lewis. As soon as he was asked a question and started answering it, your news reader interrupted him, Martin's frustration was obvious and justified. I listen to Martin every now and again on the Jeremy Vine show and have heard him say on many occasions that "only have £35,000 in one account". There is also a website which I have found that shows you who owns which bank, so I can make sure I do not double up on the same bank. Times are really bad right now, and I think to some degree people should take a little responsibility on making sure their savings are in different banks. I think Martin should keep up the good work. Your news readers should also take a lesson in etiquette.


Jon, you are (almost) always the best ... that is why I rate you and C4 News so highly, but your angle of attack this time was diabolical and demonstrated a lack of research. I hope you realise and avoid future possible similar errors.


I watch your 7pm programme every weekday evening so I am very familiar with Jon Snow's interview style and obviously enjoy it.

However... I know that Martin Lewis is a bit annoying but I have to say that I felt that Mr Snow dealt with him more harshly than he deserved.

Martin Lewis is the best consumer champion in the UK.

His advice not to commit more than £50k (£35k as was) to a savings account has been consistent and clear and I do feel that it was unfair to lay the problems of the Icesave savers at his feet was unfair.

Out of all the pundits on television and radio he has been the best at explaining clearly what the impact of the credit crunch will be and what people should do to lessen the impact - despite being a bit annoying.

By all means go for the jugular with the people who have got our financial system into this mess but please don't take it out on someone who has been trying to help savers avoid trouble.


I regularly watch Channel 4 news, and consider it to have the best reportage of all the terrestrial news channels.

However, my partner and I were extremely disappointed at how Jon Snow attacked the "Money saving expert" Martin Lewis in interview on last night's broadcast.

I do not believe that this was investigative journalism, and it felt as though Jon Snow simply chose Martin as a scapegoat for the price comparison sites available on the internet.

My argument is that if savers' took Martin's advice to use Icesave a year ago, the very same savers should regularly keep up to date with his advice; which I hear was different 6 months ago.

Usually Jon Snow and his team get their journalism right, they didn't last night. Martin has helped many thousands of people save money, including (indirectly) myself when claiming back bank charges.



I think for once you took the wrong tack in your approach with Martin Lewis of I feel this guy with his website is one of the few really good guys trying to give impartial advice in many areas of money.

Thanks to his site I have found what I believe are better accounts than I would have otherwise and most importantly learned to ensure savings are kept within FCA limits.

What is happening on the banking world is really scary but I really believe he is likely to have helped more people avoid problems by encouraging them to split up large holdings rather than luring them into dodgy accounts.

There are many sites which only recommend sites they receive commission on and though Martin's site does get funded this way too it is very up front about this and also recommends sites that pay none.

His email is one I regularly find useful (along with Snowmail of course!)


Jon Snow is one of my favourite journalists, but his attack on Martin Lewis in his interview this evening was misguided and terribly unfair to Martin.

Martin is one of the GOOD GUYS, and shame on Jon for not knowing that. Jon should apologise for his treatment of Martin.


After watching your piece this evening on the money saving expert, I was appalled at how aggressively and biased the interview was conducted, despite the fact that the money saving expert repeatedly told people to be wary of investing in Icesave.

Your news presenter went for him time and time again as seeking a scapegoat for the viewers whom had invested in Icesave.

It was a real shame to see someone treated so badly, considering the usually great content and production of Channel 4 News.


Why on earth did Jon Snow use a combative, accusing approach when interviewing Martin Lewis about Icesave today on the news?

This was entirely inappropriate. Lewis is a journalist whose advice is always careful and impartial. Talk about shooting the messenger!


Well done Jon, grill them even more.


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