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post 26 August 2014
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The SNP says it wants to rid Scotland of Trident nuclear missiles. Will it be able to keep the promise if Scots vote for independence?

article 26 August 2014 UK, Scotland
Salmond v Darling: who won the Scotland debate?

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond wins a convincing 71 per cent of the vote in a snap poll after the second televised debate against Alistair Darling on Scottish independence.

post 25 August 2014
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It's ding ding, round two in the Scottish independence debate. Will the leaders of the Yes and No camps fail the FactCheck test?

post 18 August 2014
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As SNP leader Alex Salmond visits the home of the declaration of Arbroath, he needs urgently to narrow the gap in polls between the yes and no voters on Scottish independence.

video 06 August 2014 UK, Scotland

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Darling vs Salmond: who does Scotland think won? - video

The headlines say Alistair Darling drew first blood in his Scottish independence debate against Alex Salmond, but what do the Scottish public think? Ciaran Jenkins went to find out.

article 06 August 2014 UK, Scotland
Poll puts Darling ahead of Salmond in #indyref debate: video

After a fiery, two hour debate ahead of the Scottish independence referendum, a snap poll puts Alistair Darling slightly in the lead ahead of First Minister Alex Salmond.

article 22 July 2014 UK, Scotland
Alex Salmond (Reuters)
Mixing politics and sport ahead of the 'friendly games'

As Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond makes his first appearance on the Commonwealth Games stage, the challenge in the coming days may be to keep the attention of the world on the sport.

post 22 July 2014
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Is Alex Salmond hoping to ride a wave of patriotic fervour flowing for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? If history tells us anything, he may be disappointed.

post 03 July 2014
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The prime minister has ventured to Perth - known as Scotland's Hampshire - to ask reticent no voters to take heart and campaign openly against independence.