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article 22 July 2014 UK, Scotland
Alex Salmond (Reuters)
Mixing politics and sport ahead of the 'friendly games'

As Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond makes his first appearance on the Commonwealth Games stage, the challenge in the coming days may be to keep the attention of the world on the sport.

post 22 July 2014
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Is Alex Salmond hoping to ride a wave of patriotic fervour flowing for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games? If history tells us anything, he may be disappointed.

post 03 July 2014
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The prime minister has ventured to Perth - known as Scotland's Hampshire - to ask reticent no voters to take heart and campaign openly against independence.

post 02 July 2014
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Prof Sir Tom Devine believes that if the yes side win, it will be thanks to something that was for decades unimaginable: Catholics voting for independence.

article 14 May 2014 UK, Scotland
Scottish flag in Westminster (Getty)
#Publishthepoll: accusation Scot independence data buried

Four months from the Scottish referendum, accusations fly that Westminster has "buried" a poll which shows increasing support for the yes campaign - but can the source of these allegations be trusted?

video 04 April 2014 UK

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Scotland: battered wife or kid brother? - video

Scottish stand-up comics Andy Todd and Fern Brady see the funny side of the independence referendum, even if they are on opposite sides of the debate.

article 26 March 2014 UK, Scotland
Exclusive: Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish independence

The most famous Scotsman on television - Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons - follows Kermit the Frog in commenting on Scottish independence.

post 12 March 2014
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Many more women have been elected to political office in Scotland than at Westminster, but female voters remain sceptical about independence.

post 10 March 2014
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Gordon Brown is out-flanking quite a few in his party with his prescription for how far Scottish devolution should go.