post 02 August 2016
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Government's counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge

Muslim activist Dr Salman Butt has launched legal action against the Home Secretary after he was named in a Government press release about hate preachers.

article 15 December 2015 World, Saudi Arabia
Saudis form Islamic alliance to combat terrorism

Saudi Arabia is leading an alliance of Muslim countries to combat Islamic State and other terrorist organisations.

article 13 October 2015 World, Syria
Syria: Russian embassy shelling was 'terrorist act'

Russia says the shelling of its embassy in the Syrian capital was an "act of terrorism" designed to intimidate "supporters of the fight against terrorism".

article 18 August 2015 World, Bangladesh
Bangladesh blogger machete murders: Briton arrested

A British man, Touhidur Rahman, is among three people arrested in Bangladesh for alleged involvement in the brutal murders of two secular bloggers.

article 07 August 2015 World
Bangladesh blogger Niloy Chatterjee hacked to death

Bangladeshi blogger Niloy Chatterjee becomes the fourth critic of religious extremism to be killed in less than six months after being attacked with machetes.

post 07 July 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog MI5: 7/7 ended scepticism about terrorist threat

Ten years on, the head of MI5 says 7/7 delivered a step change "in the nation's counter terrorism defences".

article 04 July 2015 World, Iraq
Anti-government forces prepare to fight Syrian Army units in Aleppo (Getty)
Islamists squeezed as Kurds and Syrian government attack

Kurdish fighters reportedly advance to within 30 miles of the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa, while pro-Assad forces battle Sunni militants on the Lebanese border.

article 30 June 2015 UK
London counter-terrorism operation, London, 30 June 2015 (Getty)
How has the UK terror threat changed since 7/7?

A major counter-terrorism exercise is taking place in the UK capital today, as we approach the 10th anniversary of the London bombings in which 52 people died. What has changed since 2005?

article 15 June 2015 UK, Somalia
Al-Shabaab militant Thomas Evans
UK jihadist Thomas Evans 'killed with al-Shabaab'

British Muslim convert Thomas Evans is reported to have died fighting for the Islamist terror group al-Shabaab in Kenya.