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video 23 July 2014 World, The Netherlands

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MH17 crash victims: bodies arrive in Netherlands - video

Pro-Russian rebels are said to have shot down two more Ukrainian fighter jets near where Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was brought down, as the first bodies of Flight MH17 were flown to Eindhoven.

article 18 July 2014 UK, Malaysia
Father of Liam Sweeney
'A good lad': MH17 victim father interview - video

"Good mate, a good lad": the father of Liam Sweeney, who died in the Malaysian Airlines crash in Ukraine, has talked to Channel 4 News to pay tribute to his son.

post 18 July 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog MH17: All eyes on Russia as UN meets in New York

I'm on the train to New York where the UN Security Council is meeting in a few hours for an emergency session on the downing of MH17 - a session Britain has requested.

article 17 July 2014 World
by Why are passenger planes flying over war zones?

A Malaysian Airlines plane has been reportedly shot down over Ukraine, killing hundreds. Aviation authorities have warned against flying over the area in the past - but the guidance is not mandatory.

article 09 July 2014 UK
Charge your phone - or risk missing your flight

Advice issued to the US a few days ago is extended to the UK, meaning that all air-bound passengers need to ensure all electronic devices are charged before flying.

article 07 July 2014 World, Spain
Boeing 767 pilot avoids crash with Airbus A340 crossing runway at BarcelonaEl Prat Airport
Two planes avoid near-miss crash in Barcelona - video

Nervous flyers: look away now. A Boeing 767-300 had to abort touching down at Barcelona-El Prat Airport to avoid colliding with an Airbus A340, which crossed the runway just as it was landing.

video 03 July 2014 UK, Syria

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'Some radicalised UK nationals will target UK' - video

Ex-Prevent advisor Farooq Siddiqui says it's "noble" for young people to want to fight in Syria but former head of counter-terrorism at MI6, Richard Barrett, says they could be radicalised.

article 03 July 2014 World, Uganda
Ugandan security forces monitor outside Entebbe airport
US warns of Uganda terror threat

The US government has warned its citizens in Uganda that an attack could take place at Entebbe International Airport.

article 03 July 2014 World, United States
Is a Yemeni bombmaker behind the airport terror threat?

Intelligence reports indicate al-Qaeda's top bombmaker in Yemen, Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri, could be behind the threats that have prompted the United States to tighten airline security.