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article 09 March 2014 World, Malaysia
'Mid-air disintegration' possible cause of Malaysian crash

Officials in Malaysia are focusing on 'mid-air disintegration' as the possible cause for the disappearance of the Malaysian Air jetliner on Saturday morning.

article 23 December 2013 World, South Africa
Aircraft wing rips through Johannesburg building
Aircraft wing rips through Johannesburg building

The wing of a British Airways plane carrying 180 people tears into a building near Johannesburg airport while preparing to take off.

video 17 December 2013 UK

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Boris: third Heathrow runway 'would be a disaster' - video

With a report recommending a new Heathrow runway as one option to reduce airport congestion, London's mayor claims the environmental impact of his Thames Estuary plans would be negligible.

article 17 December 2013 Politics
2010 Conservative election leaflet
The political fallout from a U-turn on Heathrow

A third runway at Heathrow could be toxic for politicians from all three main parties. What did they say then and what are they saying now?

article 17 December 2013 Business
Boris island on the river Thames has sneaked into contention for aviation growth, alongside Heathrow and Gatwick expansion
Flights of fancy? Weighing up Britain's airport options

Is a brand-new floating airport on the Thames the one-stop solution to Britain's aviation needs? Or is simple expansion of Gatwick or Heathrow the better option?

article 15 December 2013 UK
Heathrow airport's expansion 'not ruled out'

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin refuses to rule out Heathrow airport's expansion after 2015, insisting David Cameron would not betray voters if a third runway is built after the next election.

article 12 December 2013 UK
North West Air Ambulance helicopter (Getty)
Emergency service helicopters grounded for safety checks

On the day that a tenth person dies as a result of the helicopter crash on a pub in Glasgow, the company that operated the helicopter grounds all of its fleet of 22 EC135 helicopters.

article 07 December 2013 UK
Air traffic control glitch delays planes (Reuters)
Phone glitch causes UK airport chaos

Disruption hits some of the UK's biggest airports after a glitch in air traffic control systems forces operators to delay and even cancel some flights.

video 05 December 2013

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Plane struggles to land at Birmingham airport - video

Footage posted on YouTube by David Goodship shows an Emirates 777 aircraft struggling against high winds at Birmingham airport.