Ageing population


article 09 January 2013 UK
Why we need a 'revolution' in the way we age (G)
by Is it time for a 'revolution' in the way we age?

With the number of over-65s expected to nearly double by 2050 and little plan for how to support them, Channel 4 News looks at what can be done to cope with the perfect storm of an ageing population.

article 09 January 2013 UK
Age ain't nothing but a number - or is it? (Getty)
by Respect your elders: why the ageing population is good news

As another committee considers how to tackle the problem of the UK's ageing society, Channel 4 News instead looks on the bright side: at the potential benefits of having an older population.

post 08 April 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Ending loneliness: a map that could help target people at risk

A new report is urging councils to find out where lonely elderly people are living - so they can reach out and offer help.

article 28 December 2013 World, China
China relaxes one child policy

The 1979 one-child law has left an ageing population and a gender imbalance. On Friday, the Chinese lawmakers announced they will allow families to have two children.

article 05 December 2013 UK
Chancellor George Osborne raises the pension age in the autumn statement, but says we're all in it together.
Generation game: young people to work for longer - video

Chancellor George Osborne raises the pension age to 69 in the autumn statement, but says we're all in it together. Are young people being targeted unfairly in the name of economic recovery?

article 05 December 2013 UK
Bright ideas to bring light to the economy
Autumn statement 2013: you be the chancellor

What bright ideas would light up the UK economy for you? George Osborne has set out his plan for economic recovery, but Channel 4 News wanted to find out what people on the street would like to see.

article 27 September 2013 UK
Ageing Britain: number of centenarians increasing

Britain's elderly population is growing according to new figures, with a five-fold increase in the number of centenarians over the last three decades.

article 17 September 2013 Science
Healthy lifestyle choices can reverse ageing process, scientists find (Getty)
by Scientists show healthy life can reverse cell ageing

A small study shows for the first time that eating healthily, doing yoga and hanging out with friends does not just slow the ageing process - it may actually reverse it on a cellular level.

article 12 August 2013 UK
Ping pong is taking over - and there might be health benefits too (Getty)
by Why ping pong just might be the elixir of youth

Table tennis, ping pong, wiff-waff: call it what you will, it's increasingly popular in the UK, with 2.4 million players. Now there are suggestions it could even help with conditions like dementia.

post 17 July 2013
All in it together?

Britain's ageing population means fewer working people to pay for an ever-larger welfare bill. So is intergenerational friction inevitable?