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Africa drought: Somalis flee famine

Thousands are forced to seek food in swollen refugee camps as Somalia descends further into chaos and drought sweeps the Horn of Africa.

article 05 September 2011 World, Somalia
Somalia famine spreads threatening 750,000
Famine spreads in Somalia threatening 750,000 people

The UN reveals famine has spread to three quarters of Somalia, threatening 750,000 people with imminent starvation. Islamic Relief in the UK tells Channel 4 News the situation is now "catastrophic".

article 22 July 2011 World, Somalia
Mogadishu: Caught between famine and war
Children in Somalia as Africa's first 21st century drought claims more lives (Reuters)
Jonathan Rugman by

Our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman travels into Mogadishu, to witness thousands of refugees who have risked everything crossing conflict zones to escape famine in the countryside.


article 18 January 2012 World
Aid delay caused thousands of deaths (g)
Aid delay caused thousands of deaths

Failure to heed early warning signs of drought led to tens of thousands of deaths in East Africa, says a report by Oxfam and Save the Children.

article 24 October 2011 World, Somalia
Jamlia's daughter was lost as rains hit famine ravaged Somalia (Save The Children)
Child lost as rains hit famine ravaged Somalia

Heavy rains in Mogadishu have swept away makeshift camps housing people fleeing from famine. Channel 4 News hears from a charity worker who met a woman whose daughter was lost in the deluge.

article 13 October 2011 World, Somalia
Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya near the Somali border (Getty)
Aid workers kidnapped at gunpoint from refugee camp

Two women working for the aid charity Medecins Sans Frontieres at the world's biggest refugee camp, Dadaab, are kidnapped by gunmen.

article 31 August 2011 World, Somalia
Somalia - Reuters
Just 27 per cent of drought aid money going to Somalia

The Disasters Emergency Committee tells Channel 4 News that just over a quarter of money it has raised towards the Horn of Africa Appeal is going to Somalia, the epicentre of the drought crisis.

article 04 August 2011 World, Somalia
Sheik Ali Dhere, a spokesman for Somalia's Muslim al-Shabaab organisation
No famine in Somalia, claims al-Shabaab

In the first interview with a western news organisation since the UN declared famine in Somalia, a spokesman for the al-Shabaab Islamist group tells Channel 4 News there is no famine, only drought.

article 27 July 2011 World, Somalia
More than a million children have been displaced because of drought and conflict in East Africa (Reuters)
Somalia drought 'definitely getting worse'

More than one million children have been displaced by the disaster in east Africa, and one charity tells Channel 4 News the situation in Somalia is "definitely getting worse".