article 08 August 2015 World, Afghanistan
Afghanistan bomb blasts: three attacks in Kabul in 24 hours

At least 40 people have been killed and hundreds injured after a series of bombs went off in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday.

article 02 August 2015 World, Afghanistan
Mullah Omar (Reuters)
Mullah Omar's family refuses to back new Taliban leader

Channel 4 News has learned that the dead Afghan Taliban chief's relatives are refusing to swear allegiance to his successor.

article 01 August 2015 World, Afghanistan
Mullah Akhtar Mansoo
Afghan Taliban split over new chief

Akhtar Mansoor calls for unity among the jihadi group in a new audio recording - but Mullah Omar's replacement is already causing bitter divisions in the Islamist militant group.

article 29 July 2015 World, Afghanistan
Mullah Omar (Getty)
Mullah Omar: Taliban leader's death confirmed

The office of the Afghan president confirms in a statement that the leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Omar, died two years ago.

post 07 July 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog 7/7 : contemplation after a terrifying and confused day

Seeing our camera and tripod, tourists around St Paul's and Aldgate constantly approach to ask what is going on. No need for any inquiries a decade ago as the streets fell empty.

article 25 June 2015 World, Greece
Syrian refugees arrive in Greece (Reuters)
Migrant crisis sets nation against nation within EU

With hundreds of migrants being rescued daily from overloaded boats in the Mediterranean, the EU is struggling to agree on an adequate response to the new arrivals.

article 22 June 2015 World, Afghanistan
Taliban bomb attack strikes Afghan parliament

The Taliban attacks the symbolic heart of Afghanistan's fragile new democracy as the new defence minister is sworn in.

article 17 May 2015 World, Afghanistan
Kabul car bomb: three killed after EU vehicle rammed

A suicide car bomber rammed a European Union vehicle near the main airport in Kabul, killing at least two Afghans and a British national in the latest attack in the city, officials say.

article 12 May 2015 World, Afghanistan
Osama bin Laden's death: claim and counter-claim

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is panned for trashing the official version of the Osama bin Laden assassination - so should we start believing other outlandish theories about the killing?

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