article 03 October 2015 World, Afghanistan
Afghanistan hospital hit by air strikes

Frantic staff from Medecins Sans Frontiers say they phoned Nato officials in Washington and Kabul for a full hour - as bombs rained down on their hospital in Afghanistan.

post 30 September 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Kunduz: a military, strategic and political disaster

The Taliban takeover of Kunduz is proof the Afghan National Army cannot manage alone despite the billions of dollars the west throws at it.

article 29 September 2015 World, Afghanistan
Kunduz: Afghan forces battle Taliban for control

Afghan forces are fighting to regain control of the city of Kunduz after it became the first provincial city to be seized by the Taliban since the 2001 US-led invasion.

article 28 September 2015 Afghanistan
Taliban seize major provincial capital, first since 2001

The Taliban has taken a key Afghanistan city, the first provincial capital that the group has seized since losing power in 2001, in a major embarrassment for the government.

article 16 September 2015 UK, Afghanistan
Alexander Blackman
Alexander Blackman: jailed marine 'morally disengaged'

A Royal Marine jailed for the murder of a Taliban insurgent let his professional standards "slip to an unacceptably low level" and showed "poor leadership", an internal review has found.

article 14 September 2015 World, Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban storm Ghazni prison to free 350 inmates

Afghan Taliban militants storm a prison in the central city of Ghazni, killing police officers and releasing more than 350 inmates.

article 11 September 2015 World, Qatar
Syrian refugees (Reuters)
Syria: should countries outside Europe be doing more?

Pressure is growing on countries outside Europe - particularly the Gulf states - to take in more refugees from the Syrian civil war. What are the facts?

article 08 August 2015 World, Afghanistan
Afghanistan bomb blasts: three attacks in Kabul in 24 hours

At least 40 people have been killed and hundreds injured after a series of bombs went off in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday.

article 02 August 2015 World, Afghanistan
Mullah Omar (Reuters)
Mullah Omar's family refuses to back new Taliban leader

Channel 4 News has learned that the dead Afghan Taliban chief's relatives are refusing to swear allegiance to his successor.

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