article 23 April 2015 World, Afghanistan
Italian and US hostage die in US strike on Al-Qaeda compound

President Obama apologises to the families of hostages Giovanni Lo Porto and Dr Warren Weinstein, saying he takes "full responsibility" for their deaths during a US counterterrorism operation.

article 13 March 2015 World, Afghanistan
Inside Osama Bin Laden's Afghan compound

A series of newly released images show the late Osama Bin Laden inside his Tora Bora compound in the Afghan mountains.

post 13 March 2015
Read more from Jonathan Rugman his blog Afghanistan: politicians and generals should be held accountable

While the bravery and sacrifice of British troops is not in doubt, British strategy in Afghanistan does not bear up well under scrutiny.

article 13 March 2015 UK, Afghanistan
Soldiers arrive for Afghanistan service of commemoration in London (Reuters)
UK remembers fallen soldiers from Afghan conflict

Services are held to commemorate British soldiers who fought and died during the Afghan campaign. But in Afghanistan, there are fears the Taliban could link up with IS and retake the country.

article 10 February 2015 Politics, Jordan
Kayla Mueller's 'heartbreaking' letter before Syria death

Barack Obama confirms the death of Kayla Mueller, a US aid worker who had been held hostage by Islamic State militants.

article 05 February 2015 UK, Iraq
Is Britain doing enough to tackle Islamic State militants?

Britain needs to play a greater role in the fight in Iraq against Islamic State militants, according to a report published by MPs.

article 30 January 2015 World, Iraq
Islamic State's new global tactics
by Islamic State's 'exceedingly dangerous' new tactics

The killing of at least 30 security personnel in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula could be more than just jihadist violence - but an indication of new and dangerous tactics from the Islamic State group.

article 28 January 2015 UK, Afghanistan
Author Andrew O'Hagan
Andy Davies by Getting inside the 'problem' of the Afghan war

Author Andrew O'Hagan's new novel The Illuminations examines the experiences of the soldiers who went to Afghanistan believing in the war, but who returned home to Britain profoundly disillusioned.

post 21 January 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog No Chilcot report on Iraq: absolutely no surprise

No one knows how to delay an urgent inquiry into serious misjudgments, mistakes, and misdoings, than the British 'system'.

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