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post 21 August 2015
Read more on Liam's blog This weekend: summer heat returns, but will it last?

Summer heat will return this weekend, with temperatures hitting 30C. But will it last?

post 12 August 2015
Read more on Liam's blog Summer downpours to bring lightning and flood risk

Thunderstorms are likely during Thursday and Friday, bringing a risk of localised flooding. Will you be affected?

article 08 July 2014 UK
Tour de France: how British crowds became world beaters. (Getty)
by Tour de France: how British crowds became world beaters

I was there! Britain is a world beater at celebrating big moments, writes Anna Doble - who watched Le Tour pass through her home town.

article 23 June 2014 UK
Andy Murray gets ready to defend his Wimbledon title. (Getty)
by Andy Murray begins Wimbledon defence - stay cool, everyone

Somehow it is Wimbledon fortnight again which means Andy Murray has a large golden cup to defend. But we know about winning now, hey Brits? And we're going to stay cool.

article 12 June 2014 UK
How We Used To Live - a film by Paul Kelly and Saint Etienne.
by How We Used to Live - can you spot the London you know?

Cranes on the skyline, MP scandals, a post-work pint. London in the 1960s? Or 2014? Channel 4 News gets confused by Paul Kelly's latest film, How We Used to Live.

article 01 May 2014 UK
womenintrousers take over Twitter - next stop Westminster?
by #womenintrousers take over Twitter - next stop Westminster?

Women's legs - in denim, leggings and other fabrics - pop up all over Twitter after a Ukip party donor told Channel 4 News women should be banned from wearing trousers.

article 08 April 2014 UK
Peaches Geldof posted an image of herself as a toddler with her mother, Paula Yates, on Instagram hours before her death. (Getty)
by Peaches Geldof death: how last words became 'last tweet'

Life and death on social media: Peaches Geldof posted daily on Instagram, giving followers an intimate window on her personal life. Her photos have now been removed.

article 01 April 2014 Culture
Frankie Knuckles dead at 59. (Getty)
by Your Love by Frankie Knuckles: five versions you must hear

Frankie Knuckles, Godfather of House, dies aged 59. His legendary track Your Love has been reworked by generations of musicians. Here are five versions you need to hear.

article 28 March 2014 Culture
Kate Bush tickets sell out in 15 minutes. (Getty)
by Kate Bush tickets: we need to check you are human

From Cloudbusting to Captcha crunching: how the chase for Kate Bush tickets made us pine for days spent queuing in the cold, writes Anna Doble.