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Interactive TV Ads

Interactive Applications

Some interactive ads (iads) let you carry on watching Channel 4, E4, More4 and Film4 while enjoying the interactive content; others 'jump' you into a separate channel to allow you to enjoy video and/or audio content.

Interactive Showreels
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Impulse Response
This is the simplest type of iad available, and is especially useful for requesting samples or brochures. When you press the red button, an overlay will appear on screen containing some text and graphics relating to the ad. You can then submit your details and respond to simple questions without having to leave the programme you were watching.

These are designed and built in-house. Because the broadcast stream remains full screen and the Impulse Response is placed on top of the ad, it makes this type of application a true interactive 'overlay'.

With these interactive applications, the TV broadcast will shrink to ΒΌ of the screen size and be displayed in the top right hand corner. Therefore, you can carry on watching ads or programmes once you have pressed red; with the rest of the screen being filled up with the interactive content.

You will have access to up to 4 menu options and 9 different interactive screens, so there is plenty of space for information on products, future film releases, competitions, car specs, etc. Like our Impulse Response iads, Microsites are also designed and built in-house at Channel 4.

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