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We are looking for teenagers to participate in a Channel 4 series that will see them take on a tough, exciting and maybe even life-changing challenge.

If you’re 16/17 years old and everyone says that you’re out of control and over-indulged but you want to prove them wrong, here’s your chance.

If you’re a parent who’s tried everything and still your teenager is going off the rails, then this could be just what you’re looking for.

The series will follow six 'troubled teenagers' as they travel to one of the leading therapy camps in America. They will undergo a course, devised by the camp’s expert team, that includes mountain trekking, outdoor survival, and psychological counselling.

For four to six weeks the group will live a basic outdoor existence between the desert and the mountains. The natural surroundings are beautiful; but this is no holiday camp. The teenagers who go will face a physically tough and emotionally demanding regime. The camp is not a boot camp either; discipline is strict but there is no military-style screaming and shouting.

There is nothing like this currently available in the UK, and the series will offer a truly exceptional opportunity to those who take part. If you or your teenager would like to participate, then fill in an application form for either parents or teenagers and e-mail it to

Application forms will only be accepted by e-mail; if you don’t have access to e-mail then call Tom Coveney or Catherine Milne on 020 7284 2020.


That'll Teach 'Em
That'll Teach 'Em
30 16-year-olds are put through the tough regime of a 1950s state grammar
boarding school

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