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Behind the Crime: Loadsamoney BEHIND THE CRIME

Thursdays from 1 July, 9pm

This three-part series delves into the murky world of crime, looking at both the criminals and the people whose job it is to track them down.

The first programme in the series, Loadsamoney, explores the the growing problem of illegal forgery, where items ranging from forged bank notes to fake perfume are costing the nation a fortune in lost revenue.

The second programme, Love or Money, looks at the cases of publishing executive Mark Williams and accountant Janet Baldrey, who both turned to crime for love, leading double lives that fooled their work colleagues.

Fair Game concludes the series with a look at fraudsters who tried to beat the system but lost, including an ex-farmer involved in a £21million scam and a tax barrister who tried to make a fortune but ended up in prison.

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