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The Treacle People

Episode 1: One Flu over the Boggart's nest
With an outbreak of the dreaded Boggart Flu, every Boggart in Sabden is sick. Luckily, Brendon's Scottish cousin has a guaranteed cure - his special recipe porridge. Tasty!

Episode 2: Digger digs in
As Brendon's Scottish cousin settles in, what will become of the 'Bubble and Boggart'?

Episode 3: Stuck up job
Our sticky heroes get stuck in to some re-decorating at The Bubble and Boggart. Will Lillian love or loathe it?

Episode 4: Loose change
In celebration of the re-opening of the 'Bubble and Boggart' café, Silas releases a specially flavoured batch of Ginger Beer, with some unusual side effects.

Episode 5: Scares and stripes
PC Nico Pendle practices arresting the entire village, including himself, in preparation for his Annual Sergeant's Exam.

Episode 6: Smug Smugglers
With Barrow and Furness up to no good, will our valiant villagers be victorious and run the wrongdoers ragged?

Episode 7: The quest for the golden nugget
Wizzle and his Treacle Tracker rise to new heights and find fresh supplies of treacle.

Episode 8: A grim day out
Our sticky heroes take a well-earned break as they set off for their summer holidays on Bessie. What can go wrong with Lill navigating? All together now… "We're all going on a summer holiday, no more Treacle for a week or two…"

Episode 9: Sounds crazy!
Rosie and Wizzle take the Professor's 'Sound Sponge' to town and then take popular music to extremes with recordings of everything from Tapper 'tapping' to Pendle 'policing' and Stirling the haggis 'haggissing'!

Episode 10: Rollercop
PC Pendle needs wheels. Thanks to Chief Inspector Foulridge's wheeling and dealing, he gets a bad deal, when the wheels turn out to be roller blades!

Episode 11: Euroboggarts
Silas continues his relentless plan to export the sticky stuff to our European friends in France. Oh dear!

Episode 12: It's a funny old game
The Treacle People go football mad. However, thanks to Nick O'Pendle's refereeing, the boggarts look set to commit every foul in the book.

Episode 13: Sticky like One!
A right royal day in Sabden, when a very special visitor drops in with an O.B.E. for Bert the boggart - 'Order of the boggart empire'!

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