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Dawn for Self Portrait UK (2002)

Dawn has used the freedom of digital imaging techniques to create a self-Portrait that tells a story and creates a ‘mini drama’.

Dawn’s image is a comical observation of an everyday life situation. Using digital photography and computer editing, she presents herself as different male and female characters dancing in a nightclub to explore the concept that we can all choose who we want to be.

To create her image, Dawn first set the background scene by taking a series of digital photographs of the interior of a club. She then took a series of digital photographs of herself against a white background in different costumes and poses, to use as the various characters within her self-portrait. Dawn then downloaded these images onto her PC and selected those that she felt to be the most realistic. By layering each image onto the background scene and adjusting the colour and saturation so that it all matched up, Dawn was able to create her final self-portrait.
Dawn for Self Portrait 2002 (detail)
“I use self-portraiture to examine my own use of gender in daily life and the conflict it creates between my feminist viewpoint and feminine appearance.”

Dawn for Self Portrait UK 2002 (detail)