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Victorian Children: Timelines

Learning Outcomes

The first Timeline encourages pupils to make links across different periods of history as well as developing their chronological framework and use of historical terms.

Questioning the Royal Family Portrait encourages close observation and the ability to examine and interpret evidence.

The Victorian Timeline develops pupils’ chronological framework further.

All Change encourages them to recognise patterns of change.

People who helped Victorian Children:
This section looks at two people (one politician and one private individual) who were significant agents of change. It provides an ideal starting point for pupils to further research and assess the work and motivation of Shaftesbury and Barnardo using CD-ROMs, reference books and the Internet (see Resources). The activity examines a range of attitudes to children in Victorian Britain.

Victorian Schools:
The photograph and timetable provide an opportunity for historical enquiry which is particularly relevant. It enables pupils to learn about the experiences of children in the past, as well as examine adult attitudes to children and learning.

A Victorian Toyshop:
A Victorian Toyshop is an opportunity to examine changes in materials and technology as well as attitudes to toys and leisure.

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