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How to play Maths Zone

The game has four Maths puzzles that you need to solve to help Ben and Mai reach the police station. There are clues within the dialogue as the story unfolds so it helps to follow the story carefully.

Find out more about:

The Personal Data Assistant (PDA)
Breaking out of the cell
The maze
The back door
The final escape

PDAThe Personal Data Assistant (PDA)

Throughout the game Ben makes use of a PDA or Personal Data Assistant. You can use this to input information. When in calculator mode it work like a calculator allowing you to help Ben and Mai to solve the problems they face.
The PDA also has help information in the final section when you click the help button.

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Number LockBreaking out of the cell

Ben and Mai first find themselves locked up in an underground cell! The lock is a combination lock and you have to find the number that releases them. There are 2 sets of numbers to find and the important clues are in the text. However it's also a good idea to remember that sometimes in Maths problems you have to make an intelligent guess - an estimate - and use this to get gradually closer to the final answer. Be careful though, as you only have a certain number of chances to find the correct number before the criminals return.

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The mazeBen and Mai in Maze

Having escaped from the cell Ben and Mai nearly get caught and find themselves lost in a maze. How are they going to find their way out? There are clues in the story and Ben also finds a clue on the floor with a series of numbers which he enters into his PDA. The only extra clue we are giving is to look carefully at the numbers on each passage of the maze.
Do any of them relate to the clue Ben found?

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Picture of KeyThe back door

This is really tricky, there is a key to the back door but neither Ben nor Mai can reach it, it is far too high up on the wall. However Ben has an idea! He also has the PDA and something else that will help - a high -powered water shooter! You will need to think carefully about 'co-ordinates', these are numbers we use to plot a position on a chart or a map.
The PDA will help, but take notice of what Mai says when she uses the water shooter because the first shot tells you how accurate the shooter is.

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The Final Escape

Picture of MapJust when they thought they'd escaped! There's one final problem. Ben and Mai need to get to the police station before the robbers intercept them. They can use a boat, a car or a bike; all of them pass the station but which will be the quickest? The robbers are hot on their heels so Ben and Mai have to make the right decision.
There is a map on a nearby shed door with information to help you, and don't forget the trusty PDA - it's also really good at helping you with this problem. In fact the PDA has a lot to offer - it can give information about the boat, car and bike. It can be used as a calculator, and it also has help with the problem when you use the help button.

Good luck - it's up to you now to help Ben and Mai.

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