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Maths Zone is a role play adventure where two young people are kidnapped after witnessing a bank robbery. The aim of the game is to escape and inform the police of the whereabouts of the robbers.

Behind the role play is a series of Maths problems. In order to escape the user will have to show knowledge of Maths concepts that fit within the National Curriculum framework for Key Stage 3.

Four problems block their escape which rely on knowledge of Maths from within 2 of the Maths strands Ma2, Number and Algebra, and Ma3, Shape, Space and Measures.

The four problems and the areas they cover are;

The number lock Picture of Maurice
Level 5 Ma2 - Estimating and checking solutions
Level 5 Ma2 - Positive and negative numbers - order, add and subtract
Level 5 Ma2 - Fractions of amounts

The Maze
Level 4 Ma2 - Finding number patterns
Level 6 Ma2 - Rules for sequences - (nth term)

The Key
Level 4 Ma3 - Positions on a grid (introduce coordinates)
Level 4 Ma3 - Using coordinates (1st quadrant)
Part of the game will take the users up to either level 5 or level 6

The Escape
Level 7 Ma3 - Speed, distance and time