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Jade Richardson
Whether making your first contact with a record company or getting that vital meeting with A&R, Jade Richardson gives a few tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

DO: Play a track you think represents you overall.
DON'T: Play all the tracks you have ever recorded in one meeting.

DO: Be original and serious about your career, regardless of who's asking.
DON'T: Sing covers and apply for every mainstream TV reality show.

DO: Try to demonstrate your talent and personality.
DON'T: Spend all your father's cash on big producers trying to make you sound great and get loads of plastic surgery.

DO: Remember you are basically making a business proposition.
DON'T: Persuade a producer to invest in you and then spend your advance on clothes and a car.

DO: Make sure you mark tapes with a contact name and address.
DON'T: Turn your phone off and forget to check your mail.

DO: Lots of live PAs and pirate radio shows.
DON'T: Send a demo and photo of yourself and sit back waiting.

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