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Spencer Lavery

How has Chancers changed your life?
Aside from getting recognised a lot (especially in Bognor), the show has helped me realise that music is definitely something I want to pursue seriously. Before the show I couldn't really justify giving all of my time and money and effort to making music but now, gladly, things have changed. I've always lived and breathed music, only now I get to do it without feeling so guilty.

What lessons did you learn?
I think that with my journey from nowhere to somewhere in such a short period of time, I managed to learn most of what needed learning in those three weeks. The most predominant lesson I took away from the whole experience was how much hard work is required to make it big in the industry. I'm also learning that you need to develop a rather thick skin.

What most impressed you about New York?
The size of everything I suppose, although it's exactly the same as it is on the telly. There's a distinct difference between the English attitude and the New York attitude in terms of work ethic, and I think I was lucky enough to take away from New York what needed to be took away and nothing more, because somewhere in between the two attitudes lies the right one.

Who did you most enjoy meeting in New York?
I couldn't pick any one person, and I certainly don't think that meeting the famous people was any more beneficial for me than meeting the lesser known people that we actually worked with. I learnt far more from the other Chancers and the AV8 team than I did the celebrities.

Does the UK still have a lot to learn from US artists?
In terms of promoting urban music, I would have to say yes, but only because they have had so much more experience than us. As I mentioned earlier, UK artists would probably benefit from a short trip to the US to pick up a little of their work ethic, too. In terms of making music though, hell no! I'm no raving patriot but I can say that a good 80% of my favourite music is British, and when you consider the difference in size of the two countries, that's actually quite remarkable.

How did you choose your stage name?
To be honest, I'm sure there's a funny story there somewhere but I really can't remember it. Boring, eh?

Who has been your greatest influence?
I'm probably supposed to pick a famous artist here aren't I? Regardless, I'm not going to. Without a shadow of a doubt the most influential people in my life at the moment are my right-hand man EnEyeKay, my girl Jolabee, and everybody else who plays an important part in my life. All of my music is inspired by my actual life, by experiences I have had and problems I'm faced with, I don't tend to look to other musicians for inspiration. Perhaps that's why my sound's a little different. In terms of artists however, there are a good few that I owe thanks to, for inspiring me to continue with my love for hip hop music more than anything else: Louis Logic, Aesop Rock, RJD2, Illogic, Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, 2Pac, Alias, Masta Ace, MF Doom, Murs, JMT, Tonedeff, and many more, and of course all those holding it down in the UK scene: Skinnyman, Lowkey, Jehst, Braintax, Aspects, Rodney P, to name a few.

What is the best thing about the music business?
This may be somewhat optimistic, but getting paid to do something you love is absolutely and definitely the best thing about the music business.

What is the worst thing about the music business?
The worry of it becoming a job, I guess. I don't think I've had enough experience to answer that question properly yet.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
I really couldn't say. Six months ago I certainly couldn't have seen myself here so who knows, I may be a successful musician, I may not. I do know that whether I am or not, I will still be making music religiously, it's never really been about success for me, success would just help me to give more time and energy to what I love doing the most.

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