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There are no boundaries in urban music, says Fatman Scoop and the Chancers certainly reflect that. From inner city Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester to the south coast countryside, the search was truly nationwide.

Everywhere the story was the same – about telling their own stories and keeping it real. Every week we'll want to hear how you feel the UK regions are being represented by the selected Chancers. Can you relate to what they say in a way that is impossible with US acts?

Phobea sums it up for all the Chancers when he says 'The show has helped me realise that music is definitely something I want to pursue seriously.'

So who are the Chancers? Week by week, starting with their home turf stories, more and more about the Chancers will be revealed. As decision day looms for Scoop and Sonya in choosing the finalists for the Chancers Collective they enlist the help of a top industry panel to air their views.

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The Chancers

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