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In answer to our question 'Do you think that UK artists can emerge from the shadow of US urban music domination?' a resounding 81% of voters said 'yes' against 19% who said 'no'.

The vote was more evenly split on the question 'Do the final six represent the best of British?' with 53% voting 'yes' and 47% 'no'.

Picking up an issue being debated on the forum, we then asked 'Do you need to be street to be a bona fide MC?' It seems that you don't, with 71% of people voting 'no', and 29% 'yes'.

On the issue of making sacrifices to achieve fame, we asked 'Should the Chancers change their style to suit US audiences?' The answer was 'no', by 78% to 22%.

Finally, we asked whether you thought the programme had raised the profile of urban music in the UK. The answer was a resounding 'yes' with 81%, against 19% 'no'.

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