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Chancers will reveal as much about the people involved as it does about producing popular music. The raw, sink or swim challenge will drop the best Britain has to offer into the deepest end imaginable: the US hip hop scene. They will find that talent is not enough in the brash world of truths, trials and sheer energy. Self-discipline and a sense of responsibility will be needed to stay the course. How will they react to being taken out of their regular environment? Will they be able to work with the big name mentors thrown into the mix? And will they be able to translate their talent from their bedroom to the biggest stage of all in New York City? Or will the tough realities shatter their aspiration for super stardom?

The process

Scoop's scouts, his UK manager Sonya Skinner and A&R authority Jade Richardson, were set the task of trawling the UK to find those most likely to lead the attack on US urban music domination. From the hundreds carving out fledgling careers, the potential Chancers Collective are narrowed down to 20 and then to 15. Three more have to go before Scoop arrives in the UK to hear the views of his top name review panel before naming the six finalists to make the visit to New York. Once there, they hit the ground running. In just three short weeks, they must try to measure up to the unforgiving New York public, scrutinised by industry insiders and established artists. Taking a chance is the name of the game.

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