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The Hoobs:

  • come from Hoobland, a sunny, colourful and bouncy world
  • are a race of great explorers
  • travel the Universe investigating and finding out about the different planets they visit
  • each day, wherever they are, find the answer to a single question about the world they are currently visiting
  • report their findings, by means of their sophisticated Hoobytechnology, to Hubba Hubba back in Hoobland
  • provide Hubba Hubba with this information for the Hoobopaedia

The Hoobopaedia is a database of everything Hoobs could ever want to know about the Universe.

Hubba Hubba Hoob communicates with Hoobs everywhere via Hoobnet.

When needed, Hubba Hubba can use all the available information from the Hoobopaedia to help the Hoobs with their quest.

The information the Hoobs ultimately gather is then broadcast to Hoobs everywhere and stored for future generations.