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The HoobsThe Hoobs
Join the Hoobs on their mission to find out more about the world we live in. A fun-filled journey for 3-5 year olds.
Thursday 26th August

6.10am Hoobybumper Box Day
Roma is coming to visit. Iver, Tula and Groove are excited and set about bringing the Fair to the hoobmobile to entertain her. How will they do it, and how will they fit it onto the roof garden?
Activity: Make a Hoobygroovy necklace! >>

6.35am Chocolate
Tula has made Groove a pocket with her hoobystitcheruper, making Groove the first Hoob in the universe to own a pocket. But what will he put in it!
Activity: Move the shapes to make a bridge >>

Meet the Hoobs
Meet Iver, Tula, Groove, Roma, Hubba Bubba, and the Motorettes. Find out more about their endearing idiosyncrasies and what they like doing. Click here to meet the Hoobs
Hoobs Dictionary
Do you ever make hoobybooboos? Do you have a twizzletuft? Find out what the Hoobs are talking about. Click here to read the Hoobs dictionary
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