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About C4 Education

How we’ve done it in the past:
Channel 4 Education is known for taking a bold approach to learning, commissioning such titles as Batty Man, Crip on a Trip, and Teen Taboos, which explore real issues such as sex, drugs, culture and disability, that aim to tackle subjects sometimes missing from the more formal curriculum, as well as offering new approaches to traditional subjects such as history.

What C4 Education did next…
In 2008 we embarked on a new strategy to reach and engage with 14 – 19 year olds on their own terms.

We have shifted the focus of our commissioning approach from solely linear TV programmes, to innovative cross-platform projects that encourage a two-way participation, and offer the chance to stimulate conversation around learning experiences, rather than to simply dictate learning.

We are not putting ‘TV on the web’ but rather want to employ creative and distinctive ways of offering educative content to teens, focussing on issues derived from their needs and desires that may be outside the more formal education curriculum.

What sort of areas are you covering?
We are building learning experiences around identity, self-esteem, and relationships; how this translates to teens’ life online, and the wider issues around digital literacy and security. We are also looking at entrepreneurship and careers, exploring sometimes ‘untold’ realities of professions, as well as social and ethical values in enterprise. We are exploring the idea of campaigning and what this means for teens, and how they can use their influence to affect change in tangible, achievable ways.

We want to create communities around these subjects which have a strong educative ambition, and that actively encourage sharing so teens will want to use and come back to these spaces in their own time. We also want our projects to be picked up by education professionals as support to PSHE and citizenship teaching, and to be directly mapped on to areas of the curriculum, such as history and science.

Where will these projects live?
14 – 19s are increasingly adopting spaces online that offer the same opportunities to socialise and experiment with their emerging identities, values, and aspirations as the real world. In order to reflect this we are launching projects across a myriad of platforms; still producing bold TV content, but also offering a range of tools and support across Social Network Sites (SNS) and widgets, online games, and mobile. Rather than expect teens to come to us we want to engage them in valuable learning within playful and creative environments.

Play The Curfew; the Adventure web-game about democracy and citizenship
Check out Battlefront, and see what our young campaigners have been up to
Visit SuperMe; the web game that helps you be better at life

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