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eSEQ editing tool: Make your own news stories using rushes from Channel 4 News and submit them to us - the best ones will be included on this site

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A day in the newsroom|

How the news is made, hour by hour.

Who's who in the newsroom|

Key newsroom players tell it in their own words.


With four leading news professionals.

World map

The story of Newsday

How nine schools and colleges and the Channel 4 news team made an online news bulletin.

The story of Newsday

Jon Snow in the Channel 4 newsroom

media studies course

Making television news|

A new course for 14 to 19 year olds developed with Channel 4 News, ITN and 9 participating schools. We take you into the newsroom, bring you masterclasses with the professionals and tools to edit your own stories.

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Breaking the News with the National Media Museum Bradford|

New rushes for you to edit

New rushes from the Channel 4 news room.

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