The Snowman and The Snowdog TX: 24 Dec 2012, Week 52


The Snowman and The Snowdog is the brand new charming sequel to the Christmas classic The Snowman which will be at the centrepiece of Channel 4's Christmas schedule this year celebrating a magical end to a special year.

Raymond Briggs' iconic children's book The Snowman follows the wonderful adventures of a young boy and the remarkable Snowman he creates. Adapted for the screen in 1982, the Oscar-nominated film - wordless, apart from its evocative theme, Walking in the Air - has been screened by Channel 4 every year since it was first transmitted and has enchanted generations of children. On the 30th anniversary of the original film, Briggs has given his blessing to a brand-new sequel and the magic is about to begin all over again, this time with a new set of friends.

When a young boy and his mother move house, the boy discovers a secret box hidden under the floorboards of his bedroom. In the box, he finds a hat, scarf, some lumps of coal and a shrivelled tangerine - it's a snowman-making kit! Later that day it starts to snow and the boy builds a Snowman and with the little spare snow leftover, a Snowdog. That night, at the stroke of midnight, the Snowman and Snowdog magically come to life. The boy awakes and joins them on an amazing adventure, flying over London and onwards to the North Pole, where Snowmen and Snowwomen from around the world are gathering for ‘The Annual Downhill Race.' Competing with an assortment of colourful characters, the boy and the Snowdog narrowly win the race and are rewarded with a prize from Father Christmas. Dawn is breaking so the boy stuffs the present unopened into his pocket for the journey back. When he arrives home, the boy must leave his new friends outside and return to bed - but first, a wonderful surprise awaits him...

The Snowman and The Snowdog is directed by Hilary Audus and art directed by Joanna Harrison, both of whom worked as animators on the original film. Producers are Camilla Deakin and Ruth Fielding. The sequel is dedicated to the late John Coates, who produced the original The Snowman film and was instrumental in getting The Snowman and The Snowdog into production.

The Snowman and The Snowdog is a Snowdog Enterprises and Lupus Films production.

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26 Dec 2017, 19:30
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