The Sex Clinic TX: 18 Apr 2013, Week 16

The Sex Clinic is a brand new observational series exploring the relationships and personal lives of patients attending sex clinics in London and Birmingham - warts and all. With the number of people visiting sex clinics almost doubling in the last five years, this series will unpick the sexual habits and relationships behind the increase.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust oversee the UK's busiest sexual health service seeing over 90,000 people a year. The three main clinics include one which sees a large number of under 19s - including children as young as 13 and another, in the heart of Soho, which has a predominantly gay patient group. This clinic offers several outreach clinics including visiting gay saunas and one of Soho's busiest bars G-A-Y once a week for on the spot testing and offers a specialist clinic for people from the transgender community and one for people working in the porn industry.

Whittall Street Birmingham is the UK's second busiest clinics. The 80 strong team welcome through the door 41,000 patients every year. Herpes, Chlamydia, HIV, Gonorrhoea and pregnancy- testing - this team have seen it all. The staff here knows only too well how patients are not restricted by age, culture, race or sexual proclivities.

Prod co: Friel Kean Films

Episode 2/3, 18/04/2013, 10pm, Channel 4

The second episode of this series features more of the patients visiting two of the UK’s busiest sexual health clinics in London and Birmingham. 75-year old John attends to see if the bleeding from his penis is an infection he’s caught after some risky activity in a nightclub or the return of prostate cancer. Harry is worried that he’s contracted HIV after a wild weekend clubbing. Kristian needs to have a wart removed because it’s brought his sex life to a grinding halt. And Stephano, already battling Hep C and HIV, discovers some new symptoms which he fears may be Gonorrhoea.

Episode 1/3, 11/04/2013, 10pm, Channel 4

In the first episode, Anthea rushes to one of the London clinics after getting worried that she’s contracted HIV after a condom burst during a one night stand. Wayne has a wart removed from his penis, but soon finds himself back in the clinic after unwelcome news from a new partner. Dominatrix Mistress Jezebel visits the clinic and strives to make sure she doesn’t come into contact with infected blood from a regular client who likes to play rough; and finally Bompinge has a difficult phone call to make to an ex-girlfriend when he arrives at the clinic with some uncomfortable symptoms. Meanwhile, transgender escort Tomisha and her pre-op friend Damien visit London’s busy Soho clinic for instant HIV tests and are faced with some difficult questions about their sexual behaviour.

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02 Nov 2014, 03:45
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