The Real Man's Road Trip: Sean and Jon Go West TX: 10 Dec 2012, Week 50


Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, team captains on 8 Out of 10 Cats, are heading out to Louisiana to see how real men live. Down in the bayou they'll be bunking up with Creole cowboys and Cajun swampmen - men who wrestle ‘gators and castrate bulls with their bare hands. They might be titans of the stand-up circuit, but when it comes to lassoing long-horned cattle, playing the washboard, catching and eating bullfrogs and dancing the Cajun Two-Step, have they got what it takes to survive?

The Real Man's Road Trip: Sean and Jon Go West, takes them and us deep into uncharted territory. This is where the buddy road movie meets ‘Deliverance' and we see Sean and Jon's surreal humour played out in ever more bizarre situations - while castrating a bullock, out hunting for frogs on an alligator-infested swamp, dressed up in camo gear for a duck hunt. Will their macho credentials (and their friendship) stand the test?

Exec Producers: Katie Buchanan, Andrew Palmer
Series Producer: Matt Reid
Series Director: Ellena Wood
Commissioning Editors: Sara Ramsden, Madeleine Knight

Episode 2/2, Mon 10th December, 9pm, Channel 4

Sean and Jon are on the next stage of their Louisiana tip and this time they're headed for the swamps.

30 miles wide and 150 miles long, the Atchafalaya river basin has been home to the French-speaking Cajuns for generations. Arriving in the swamp, Sean and Jon meet their host Jodi Meche and head out to his houseboat. Jodi is Cajun through and through and hunts and eats anything he can find in the swamp. The first night he takes Sean and Jon out to catch bullfrogs. With torches on their heads, and alligators all around them, Jon's sense of humour utterly deserts him, but Sean sees the surreal side of the situation ‘You're going to the kind of lengths to get bullfrogs that crack-addicts go to get crack.'

Jon has recently become vegetarian and is finding the Cajun appetite for killing hard to take. The next day Jodi takes them to his hunting camp on a remote island, where they're joined by Jodi's friends and family dressed in camouflage gear and armed with guns. They are here for one purpose only - to hunt wildlife. Sean and Jon learn to handle guns, and then go out on a duck hunt. Jon takes a pacifist stance, but Sean is all ready for action. If only there were some ducks! The boys deliberate on how to get a cappuccino on a lake in the middle of nowhere, but after a day spent staring at a lake, they head back to camp empty-handed. However Sean has got the bit between his teeth and the next morning while Jon is snoozing in the bunkhouse, he heads out to the lake and manages to finally shoot a duck.

As they head off to their final location in the swamps - this time to hunt alligator, Sean and Jon start to bicker. Sean has decided that he's not going to kill an alligator, but Jon can't understand why it's ok for him to kill a duck, but not an alligator. As they share a beer at a swamp-side bar, Sean accuses Jon of just opting out and not engaging with people they're staying with, while Jon claims he's fed up with the fact that all anyone wants to talk about is hunting.

The atmosphere is still tense when they meet up with their alligator hunter, Joey, the following morning. Sporting white mutton-chop whiskers, Joey has been hunting and skinning alligators all his life and takes Sean and Jon in his boat to where he has pre-baited some lines. Will Sean and Jon pass the real man test? Will Sean change his mind about shooting an alligator? And will Sean and Jon manage to kiss and make-up in time for the alligator feast and Cajun Two-Step at Whiskey River?

Episode 1/2, Mon 3rd December, 9pm, Channel 4

Darryl and Peaches are Creole cowboys. They may not be celebrated in the movies, but there have been black cowboys as long as there have been white cowboys, and Darryl still herds cattle like his father before him - on horseback with a team of dogs.

Sean and Jon are staying with Darryl and his cowhand Peaches in a shack on the appropriately named Cowboy Lane. Darryl's opening words ‘Which one of y'all is the sissy?' sets the tone and Sean and Jon are immediately thrown to work helping out with the castration of a bullock.

Getting kitted up as cowboys, learning how to ride and auctioning cattle in the local stockyard follows, but Jon can't help but worry that Darryl and Peaches prefer Sean to him. At an impromptu zydeco evening on the porch, Sean impresses his hosts by having a go at playing the washboard, while Jon's vegetarianism leaves them nonplussed.

Heading out on a trail ride - a Creole custom best described as the Notting Hill carnival on horseback - Sean and Jon end up on a float with women bumping and grinding all around them. Sean has a ball, but Jon has never looked more miserable. ‘A woman old enough to be my mother slowly rubbed her vagina on my right knee, and everyone was fine with it'.

The final straw comes when Darryl and Peaches flatly refuse to believe that either of them are comedians, thinking "you were some kind of computer boys'. Jon tries out his onion joke and even shows them pictures of his Apollo gig on his iPhone, but to no avail. Jon is in despair. "So not only am I crap at what you do for a living, it turns out I'm not actually good at what I do for a living."

Stuck in an insect-ridden shack with frogs in the toilet, a score of cattle to herd across state in just a few days time, and the prospect of a journey into the alligator-infested swamps to come, how will Sean and Jon survive?

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