The Mimic


The Mimic is a sitcom centered around the fortunes of Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott), a seemingly unremarkable maintenance man who in fact conceals an exceptional talent. Martin is what you might refer to as: ‘a bit of an oddball’ but under this peculiar persona, hides an uncanny ability to mimic voices.

Floundering without prospect at a large pharmaceutical company, Martin’s options appear bleak. His one true friend in life is a girl called Jean (Jo Hartley), the only other ‘friend’ Martin can really boast of is Neil (Neil Maskell) a downtrodden newsagent petrified by the news, but enthralled by Martin’s voices.

Stumbling through life, Martin’s mimicry has until now been a fairly fruitless skill. However, in a huge revelation by a former lover (Sharon Duncan Brewster), Martin is about to discover that he could in fact be the father of an eighteen year-old son called Steven (Jacob Anderson). With their first meeting on the horizon, is this the news that will finally prompt Martin to escape his prolonged adolescence? And if it is, just how will he use his voices to cope with this incredible development?

The Mimic is not just about Martin’s incredible voices; it’s also a warm, feel-good story about the perplexities of human relationships and how unforeseen surprises can alter the path of life.

With an outstanding ensemble cast that also includes; Ruth Sheen, Peter Wight, Ami Metcalf, Cardinal Burns and Ralph Brown this is a show with genuine heart… a truly original new comedy.

The Mimic is being produced by Running Bare Pictures for Channel 4. It is written by Matt Morgan, directed by Kieron Hawkes and producer is Jack Bayles.

Episode 3/6, Wednesday 27th March, 10:00pm, Channel 4

Martin’s basement flat has been flooded as a result of Jean (friend and live-in landlord) leaving the bath running for six hours. Despite the catastrophic results, Martin’s hoping that he can salvage the hard drive on his laptop. However, as he arrives at the computer repair shop, he doesn’t receive the warmest of welcomes. The staff have called the police having found 'indecent' images on his computer. The picture in question, a naked photo of a baby - is a picture sent by Martin's mum is of him as a child.

After a close brush with the law, Martin takes newly discovered son Steven on a trip to the Zoo in an attempt to make up for lost time. Being a bright and savvy young man, he’s not overly enthralled at the prospect and suggests that next time they try something a little more ‘grown-up.’ Following an emergency call from his mother Dionne, Steven has to leave and leaves Martin to his own devices. In a chance meeting Martin decides to take a blind lady on a guided tour of the zoo under the guise of wildlife legend David Attenborough.

Unable to return to his flooded flat, friend and local newsagent Neil has suggested that Martin move in with him. Martin is reluctant but is left with little choice, particularly when Neil explains that he’s been lonely since his wife and son moved out. Neil says it will be just like ‘living with loads of friends with all Martin’s voices.’

Meanwhile Neil has also organised a double date for him and Martin through his internet dating site. After awkward beginnings and plenty of booze, the foursome all head back to Neil’s house, where Neil's date is less than impressed to find a giant photo of Neil and his ex-wife pride of place above the bed.

Finally Martin introduces Steven to the rest of his family. A warm, but somewhat clumsy meeting peaks when Martin’s grandmother mistakes Martin's son for his new boyfriend.

Episode 2/6, Wednesday 20th March, 10:00pm, Channel 4

Martin Hurdle is lonely and timid. However, when consumed by the voice of his amazing impersonations he can behave quite differently. As we join Martin, he has made the bizarre decision to use the voice of Christopher Walken to convince a gorgeous American swimsuit model to send him naked pictures. It’s something he’ll probably regret.

Having quit work for a total of three days (following the refusal of his promotion request) Martin decides to return to work, only to find his younger co-worker, Chelsea now in charge. Back to square one and out on leaf patrol, Martin decides to call Dionne for an explanation as to why she’s kept Steven, his now eighteen year-old son, a secret. They arrange to meet in person.

That evening, Jean is looking to borrow a DVD from Martin’s collection for a cozy night in with new boyfriend Jesse. To help her choose, Martin outlines the films by showcasing an amazing range of voices. Jean however, doesn’t recognize most of them and thinks he should put more time into getting girlfriend and less time into his impressions.

Martin pays a visit to Neil, a friend and local newsagent, who is enthralled by Martin’s voices. Neil is in the middle of joining a new dating website and suggests that Martin should set up a profile too. To escape from the pressures of ‘finding love’, Martin decides to head to his favourite Irish pub, where he operates under a pseudonym and talks with an Irish accent. Little does he know however, that Steven is about to arrive and see him in full ‘alter-ego’ action. When Steven arrives, he immediately confesses to Martin that he in fact lied when they first met. At that exact moment Martin’s Irish scam is exposed and the pair bond over their mutual dishonesty to impress one another.

Finally, Dionne and Martin meet face to face so she can explain why she didn’t tell him about Steven all those years ago.

Episode 1/6, Wednesday 13th March, 10:00pm, Channel 4

It’s a typical mid-week morning, and as people make their way to work, we join an average man sat in gridlocked traffic. As the radio plays we hear Terry Wogan announcing that: ‘it’s mornings like this, that I wish I was back in Phuket bouncing a lady boy on each knee!’ But this isn’t the voice of Terry Wogan. It’s the voice of Martin Hurdle, an everyday maintenance man concealing an uncanny ability.

Martin is slowly on route to the faceless pharmaceutical company which he calls works. It’s a dead-end job that he’s somehow managed to drag out for over seven years. His life however, is about to take a dramatic turn when he finds out that he could be the father of eighteen year-old boy called Steven, the son of former lover Dionne.

Martin and Steven arrange to meet and Martin is determined to make a good first impression. His best friend Jean thinks that his mimicry will impress Steven, but Martin is not convinced and instead decides to ask for a promotion at work.

When a conversation about his career prospects doesn’t go to plan, Martin decides to seek revenge by imitating his HR Manager. Taking to the company tannoy he conjures up a fake announcement including a personal declaration that amongst other things, the Head of HR enjoys dressing up as “a naughty school girl.”

Finally, Martin and Steven pay an awkward visit to the DNA clinic to find out the truth. Unfortunately this only leaves Martin feeling more concerned about his worth as a father. Is he Steven’s dad? And if he is, how can he avoid being such a disappointment?

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