The Job Interview TX: 12 Jul 2016, Week 28


A new fixed-rig format that follows the interview process for real jobs being offered by genuine employers. It uses multiple cameras to reveal in detail for the first time the terror and triumph of real-life interviews, highlighting every aspect from handshake to potentially life-changing job offer.

This series takes us right into the heart of one of Britain's last 'secret spaces' - the interview room. It's simple and authentic: just real candidates battling it out against each other in pursuit of real jobs, filmed in microscopic detail to capture every nuance.


LOW COST VANS, Neath, Wales

Rod Lloyd (MD) and Lorraine Kitchin (HR Manager)

Low Cost Vans is based in the small industrial town of Neath, on the outskirts of Swansea. Rod Lloyd started working at his father’s car lot in Neath at the age of seven. When Rod established his van hire company in 1997, his father came to work for him. Low Cost Vans now have over 40 employees and are still growing.

Rod Lloyd, the founder and chief executive officer of Low Cost Vans, has built his success on hiring, inspiring and motivating the right people – while also occasionally making them laugh.

Over the years, he has handpicked individuals who share his strong work ethic, passion for business and belief that a company such as Low Cost Vans can also make an important contribution to society and the local economy – the business brings money into his home country, generating jobs and wealth and he is proud of that.

Known for his firm but fair management style he invests heavily in training and energising what he acknowledges to be his company’s greatest asset – his people.

Lorraine moved to Wales in 1984 from London and hasn’t looked back. From a young age she wanted to be a fashion designer, but soon realised HR was the best route to go down. She has conducted thousands of interviews throughout her career and was a key part of the success of the growth of Low Cost Vans.

Rod and Lorraine have worked together for 15 years, 10 of which have been at LCV. They worked closely at a different company and when Rod set up his company he knew he wanted to take Lorraine with him.

When recruiting, the pair have different approaches - Rod leads with his heart and wants to give everyone a chance, Lorraine leads firmly with her head and they have been known to disagree.


Ian Nicholls, 51, has recently been made redundant after working in a wire brush factory for 26 years. Subsequently, it’s been a long time since Ian has needed to update his CV or attend a job interview. His wife Mandy worked at the factory for 20 years and lost her job at the same time, which put a financial strain on the couple. After working hard all their lives, Ian and Mandy had hoped they could start putting money aside for their retirement, but instead they found themselves on job seeker’s allowance. Former team leader Ian made some close friends at the wire brush factory and says one of the hardest things about losing the job, was not seeing his colleagues every day. He’s now looking for a new challenge, staying positive, but at the same time is nervous about what the future holds.

Jody Richards is a 34-year-old single mum who is hoping to get back into the world of work for the first time in nine years. This is her first job interview in 12 years, after taking a career break to bring up her family. Former dancer and acrobat Jody is determined to focus on her career, now her children (aged seven and nine) are older. Entering the world of work after a long break is nerve-wracking, but Jody is focussed on the positives - providing for her children and setting them a good example of a working mum.


WICKHAM HOUSE, Newbury, Berkshire

Located on the outskirts of Newbury, Berkshire, Wickham House is a luxury venue for weddings and special occasions, set within 52 acres of gardens and countryside. The venue includes an 18th Century Manor House, a church, a newly built barn, gardens, an outdoor pavilion and pool.

It’s also home to mother of five Phillipa D’arcy, 58 and her family who help run the event business.

This is a new venture for Philippa. She is an ex-city head-hunter who has conducted over 1000 job interviews throughout her career. She started her own head-hunting business in 1981 after spotting a gap in the market for junior level executives. The business grew to a headcount of 52 at its peak. Claiming many investment banks on her books, she advised them on hiring some of the best performers in the City and Wall Street. She retired in 2013, after 32 years at the helm and now runs her events business at Wickham House. Philippa interviews with her daughter Bertie, someone she implicitly trusts.


Isabel Stewart, 22, has been working for a game and wildlife conservation charity for the last 8 months, while keeping an eye out for a new job that will provide more of a challenge for her. She’s a recent Zoology graduate and former deputy head girl at her boarding school. She’s extremely organised and has done a lot of homework on Wickham House, including finding out what car the employer drives. She currently lives with her parents in West London.

Amy Lester, 33, lives in Newbury, not far from Wickham House. She’s spent the last 8 years concentrating on raising her son (now seven) and has a part time job, but is now ready to re-establish her career in Events PR. Before becoming a mother, she worked in PR in London. If she gets this job, this will a completely new start for her. Amy is getting married in September, and this job would be the icing on the cake for her.

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