The Hero of Station X (w/t)


This drama documentary examines the life and legacy of Alan Turing, one of the most important British scientists ever; a man who sits alongside Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin at the table of scientific greats.

A mathematical genius and supreme code-breaker, Turing has only recently come to be recognised as one of the great unsung heroes of the Second World War; many have argued that his code-breaking work at Bletchley Park shortened the war by two years. Yet instead of being celebrated, in 1952 he was convicted of "gross indecency" and chemically castrated. Two years later, Turing killed himself, aged 41.

Unashamedly homosexual at a time when it was illegal, Turing underwent psychotherapy with the analyst Dr Franz Greenbaum. At the heart of this film is a dramatisation of those therapy sessions.

The documentary also features interviews with contemporary technology and science experts who will bring Turing's exciting contributions right up to date illustrating that in many ways modern technology has only just begun to explore the potential of Turing's ideas. This film also perhaps provides the last opportunity to hear from the few people still living who actually knew him and who remember his exuberance and genius.

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Furnace Ltd

The Hero of Station X (w/t) press release

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13 Jan 2012, 01:30
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