The Audience - series 2 TX: 19 Dec 2013, Week 51


Episode 3, Thursday 19th December, 10:00pm, More4

Ami-Li Chase
25 yrs


“I feel lost as a glamour model. What should I do? Where can I turn?”

Ami-Li Chase is a 25 year-old glamour model who lives in London. She has a tough exterior but is unhappy with her life and needs help with a dilemma – whether to quit modeling and change direction in her life.

At first many in The Audience dismiss Ami-Li’s dilemma as trivial and make sharp judgments about her life. But their persistant questioning and hunger to uncover some truths about Ami-Li lead The Audience to a Pandora’s box of emotions she’s kept buried for years. Quickly, they discover a sensitive young woman who has faced the loss of her father and a stillborn baby in recent years and is struggling to get things into perspective, grieve and take brave steps to find happiness. Ami-Li’s emotionally-charged time with The Audience is incredibly heart-warming and, like most of the 50 strangers who spent the week with her, it’s hard to not be touched by the impassioned conclusion.

Episode 2, Thursday 12th December, 10:00pm, More4

Kathy Rawlings
44 yrs


“How can I save my family business?”

Kathy Rawlings and her family are stuck in a rut: two years ago they bought a The Drove Inn pub in Cumbria but the business is now struggling and the pressure is tearing the family apart. Should they sell the pub or try and make it work?

At first many in The Audience think the solution is a Ramsay-style makeover. But after one day with the Rawlings things just don’t add up for The Audience… behaving like detectives they search for clues in the local community. But it’s not long before they uncover the real truth and it’s much closer to home. Suddenly they are faced with a family on the brink – an affair, lies and secrecy all rise to the surface. The time with the Rawlings is shocking, revelatory and emotional for The Audience. One they will never forget.

Episode 1, Thursday 5 December, 10:00pm, More4

Jane Mason
42 yrs


“I’m 42, single and disabled. Should I adopt a child on my own?”

42 year old Jane Mason has been struggling with a dilemma for more than a decade: should she adopt a child on her own?

Jane has a degenerative condition, lives alone and feels there is something missing in her life. She has always longed for a child and wonders if now is the right time to adopt – is it fair on the child and, with her disability, will she cope?

The Audience quickly discovers Jane has a tough exterior. But their astute and piercing questions soon penetrate her defense and they realise Jane’s dilemma is more to do with her lack of self-confidence, loneliness and loss.

The Audience force Jane to confront some of her deep-rooted issues and to talk openly, for the first time in her life, about the problems she has faced. Contentious and heart wrenching, Jane’s time with The Audience is both revealing, confrontational and, at times, hilarious.

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