Stath Lets Flats TX: 27 Jun 2018, Week 26


Stath (Jamie Demetriou) is an incompetent Greek-Cypriot lettings agent, working for his dad at the family business Michael & Eagle. Stath’s hapless sister Sophie (Natasia Demetriou, Jamie’s real life sister) dreams of being a professional dancer, but holds a candle for the family’s favourite employee, nervous negotiator Al. While Stath struggles not to be outshone by Michael & Eagle’s top agent, ruthlessly ambitious Carole (Katy Wix), the company struggles against the threat of ‘Smethwicks’ – the slick, high-end estate agents next door. Other cast includes Dustin Demri-Burns (GameFace, Cardinal Burns), Tom Stourton (Siblings, Decline and Fall) and Christos Stergioglou, star of cult 2009 movie Dogtooth.

Watch Stath Lets Flats from Wednesday 27th June at 10pm on Channel 4.

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STATH LETS FLATS: It's a Manager Day (Ep6/6)
04 Aug 2018, 00:15
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