Shut Your Facebook TX: 7 Apr 2014, Week 15


Shut Your Facebook explores the increasingly uninhibited way we present ourselves online by searching out those with the most outrageous, embarrassing or ridiculous social media profiles to show them the implications of their online exploits in the real world.

First up is Christian, a 23 year old party boy who’s particularly proud of the ‘birthday breakfast sandwich’ – a close-up pic of his manhood in a slice of bread which he cheerily posted on Facebook. Believe it or not, Christian’s a promising recruitment consultant so we send him for a job interview he won’t forget in a hurry. He manages to impress his interviewers in person but after they’ve had a look at his X-rated Facebook page he’s told in no uncertain terms that he hasn’t got the job.

Next we’re introduced to Naked Bob – the show’s resident social networking expert – who’s in the buff because he provides the ‘naked truth’ (see what we did there) about what we’re all getting up to online. He informs us that over 60% of employers now check out your profile pages before offering you a job whilst a third admit to snooping on their current employee’s online shenanigans.

We then send social media devotee soapstar Chelsee Healey to meet 19 year old Charlie whose tendency to take unflattering pictures is exacerbated by the fact that her friends keep tagging her embarrassing photo fails all over Facebook. To teach Charlie how to be camera ready and prove to her mates that she’s more than a pictorial practical joke – Chelsee packs Charlie off to a photographer for some top posing tips.

29 year old Braden is a self-confessed social media addict who shares everything he does online. To find out just how long he can last without updating his profiles we play social media game – ‘Don’t be a dick at Dinner’. To avoid becoming a ‘dick’ all Braden has to do is stay off his phone during a meal - he lasts less than 10 minutes...

Naked Bob returns to tell us we’re all a bunch of ‘mother phubbers’ – people who phone snub friends or important events by checking our newsfeeds when we’re supposed to be concentrating on them.

Chelsee’s back to meet 24 year old Dominique, a single model whose sexy selfies get her lots of attention online. To find out what real guys think of Dominique’s bikini-clad twitter profile Chelsee ‘supersizes’ it and asks local lads whether they’d want to date her.

Finally we meet 19 year old Caolan who couldn’t care less about the 5,000 quid worth of debt he’s racked up in his quest to get famous on Facebook. To make him realise that debt does matter we take a trip to the bank to get 5000 one pound coins for Caolan to carry so that he can feel the weight of his actions, literally.

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14 Apr 2014, 03:00
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