Ramadan Season (w/t)


Every year, Britain’s 2.8 million Muslims take part in Ramadan. For one whole month from dawn to dusk, they forgo food, water, smoking and swearing – in an attempt to focus on what’s important, think about those who have less than them and better appreciate what they have. This year, Channel 4 will be there to capture these experiences and mark the month in a special Ramadan season.

During Ramadan, life has to carry on as normal – working in mentally and physically demanding environments and raising families. Channel 4 will follow and hear from a range of British Muslims throughout Ramadan, on how they cope with daily life and the physical and spiritual effects of fasting – as they go through it.

The season will include stand-alone commissions, daily series, and will mark early morning prayers, with interactive elements and online content available for Muslim and non-Muslim viewers keen to engage with and learn more about the Ramadan experience.

Short films will be broadcast every day using a mixture of self-shot video diaries and documentary, with a different contributor sharing their experiences – whether they are feeling calm, frustrated, or energised without food and drink, and whether their day involves breaking up street brawls, carrying out brain surgery or caring for their children. Each short film will aim to offer a fresh perspective on Ramadan and the lives of British Muslims.

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