Public Eye


Channel 4 will test the nation’s moral compass in new series Public Eye (w/t) by putting unsuspecting members of the public in difficult, and often amusing, situations to see what pushes modern Britain’s buttons.

In a series of bold and entertaining stunts, hidden cameras will capture every moment as actors play out challenging scenarios across the UK to test the public’s reaction and look for the good in people.

How will people waiting in a security queue react when only Muslims are singled out and strip-searched by security staff? Will anyone object or will they prefer to bite their tongue?

Will passers by object to a gay couple’s very public display of affection? How horrific does customer service have to get before people complain? How many people will report a fault to the hotline on a cash machine that spews out free money? When it comes down to it - is the nation really going to the dogs or does the good in people prevail?

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22 Jul 2013, 03:55
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