Nuclear War Games: Channel 4 Dispatches TX: 5 Nov 2012, Week 45


In the midst of a post Arab-spring turbulent Middle East, Israel's threats of military strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities have raised fears of a confrontation between the two countries.

This film, which has obtained exclusive access to Israeli theoretical war exercises, provides unprecedented insight into Israel's internal tensions concerning an attack between Israel and Iran which, if escalates, could have major implications for global stability

It features exclusive access to a theoretical exercise, a ‘war game', conducted by the INSS - an Israeli think tank made up of senior Israeli experts and former political and military leaders - the results of which are fed back to the Israeli government. Dispatches explores the views of those who are both for and against military action and demonstrates how some elements in Israel believe Iran would retaliate; providing a valuable insight into the likelihood of any military attack.

Producer/Director: Kevin Sim

Prod Co: Blakeway

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