New Girl


TX: March (E4)

The US smash hit returns to E4, and school’s out for Miss Day. Jess’s life is once more turned upside down, but this time it's not because of a wandering boyfriend; it's due to losing her job. And once more, her flatmates rally; a serious pep talk from Nick and his own unique world view, she pulls herself together enough to convince Schmidt to employ her as a shot girl at his rebranding party. Yes. Schmidt. Is now a brand. He’s a new man. Without a penis cast. And is ready to show off for the ladies. Elsewhere Winston gets into the party spirit by trialling some of Nick’s fruity cocktail concoctions and Cece introduces the group to her boyfriend, but who will it be?

Starring Zooey Daschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone and created by Liz Meriwether, Fox’s Emmy nominated series returns to E4 in a Tuesday night comedy double-bill with US hit The Mindy Project.

Prod co: Fox

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NEW GIRL: A Father's Love
08 Jun 2018, 08:30
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