Episode 1 – Lawsuit

Following the sale of their company Idyl Hands and its hit iPhone game Cat Factory, four friends and business partners – Josh, Leon, Watto and Ewan – wake up to the brilliant/terrifying realisation that they’re now multi-millionaires. Josh treats his parents to an extravagant around-the-world trip in a backhanded effort to expose them to a bit of culture. The company is almost immediately hit by a lawsuit; one of Watto’s old associates claims to have invented a key element of the game. The Gang instantly face losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. When the lawsuit is leaked onto the internet, their new US boss Casey soon reveals herself to be more ruthless than expected when she orders Leon to fire Watto. And for the first time the guys are forced to ask themselves: “Who the hell have we just sold ourselves to?”

Episode 2 – Leon’s Teacher

New boss Casey arrives from the US for a “flying visit” and immediately fires a rocket up the gang – they need to start developing new content. And fast. But the boys, freshly-minted millionaires, have other things on their mind. Leon returns to his former school as the conquering hero in a desperate and somewhat pathetic bid to impress his old teacher. Josh gets involved in a charity event in a bid to impress ex-girlfriend Abi. Watto struggles to reconcile his new moneyed status with his hardcore punk background and Ewan fights to make a positive impression on their new boss. When the grim spectre of churning out a cynical sequel to Cat Factory 2 rears its ugly head, the gang stand firm. Casey relents: “No sequel.” But on one condition – she moves to London permanently…. “Just for a bit of oversight...”


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