Hugh's 3 Good Things


Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal brings simple British cooking to Channel 4 Daytime this autumn with Hugh's 3 Good Things - the brand new cookery series that sees Hugh serve up a cracking plate of food, using just key three seasonal ingredients.

Hugh's tried and tested philosophy is that good things come in threes. All you need, he believes, is a trio of great ingredients to knock out the perfect plate of food, whether it's sausages, mash and greens, or apricots, almonds and cream.

In each episode, Hugh will be joined by an exciting guest chef straight from one of the country's top restaurants - along with one of his trusty River Cottage team, Tim or Gill. The team will cook with three good things each day, including one fixed ingredient chosen by Hugh. What they each pair the fixed ingredient with is entirely up to them, as long as it's in season. At the end of the episode, Hugh and his two guest chefs will have to put their efforts before an expert judge to see whose plate is voted the day's best dish.

Stripped Monday to Friday, every week will feature a different theme - from fish, meat and fruit, to vegetables and pulses and grains - so 25 episodes means 75 mouth-watering recipes guaranteed to whet your appetite.

As ever, Hugh and his guest chefs will be raiding the best of River Cottage's kitchen garden, poly tunnels, fruit trees and larders to provide the finest, seasonal local ingredients, proving along the way that that seasonal is best and simple ingredients make the tastiest of meals.

Hugh said: "I want to set you off in a fresh creative direction, by showing you a pattern that underpins many well-loved dishes. Tomato, avocado and mozzarella; scallops, bacon and pea puree, rhubarb, crumble and custard...they all work, don't they? This should come as no great surprise. After all, it's no secret that three is a magic number, and all these dishes are, quite simply, three good things on a plate."

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Ice Cream, Fudge, Nuts

Serves 4

A slab of decent fudge - used two ways, hot and cold - can turn plain ice cream into a sumptuous sundae treat. This is monumentally indulgent, but what the heck? We all need a little sweetness sometimes.


350g vanilla ice cream

250g vanilla fudge, roughly chopped or crumbled

25ml whole milk

50g walnuts, flaked almonds, chopped hazelnuts or other nuts, lightly toasted


Leave the ice cream out of the freezer for 15-20 minutes, until it is just soft enough to mash. Transfer the ice cream to a shallow freezerproof container (an empty ice cream carton will do), crumble over 100g of the fudge and mash it in to the ice cream. Put the lid on the container and return to the freezer while you make the sauce. Put the remaining crumbled fudge into a small saucepan and add the milk. Heat gently, stirring constantly and crushing the fudge pieces with a spoon, until the fudge has melted completely into the milk, making a smooth, pourable sauce. Leave to cool a little, so the sauce is warm rather than boiling hot. Put two scoops of the fudge-studded ice cream into each serving glass or sundae dish. Top with some warm fudge sauce and finish off with a generous scattering of nuts.


You can totally choccify this recipe, using chocolate ice cream and/or chocolate fudge, and adding plenty of grated chocolate to top it off, along with the nuts. Plus, to zing this up a bit and cut the sweetness a little, add a spoonful of dried sour cherries or dried cranberries along with the nuts.

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