Hollyoaks remains at the core of Channel 4's programming with five half-hour episodes transmitting weeknights at 6.30pm. Each exhilarating episode can be seen twelve times across a week with repeats, first look and omnibus shows on Channel 4, it's subsidiary T4 and digital sister channel E4.

Hollyoaks is the most stylish and contemporary long running drama currently on British screens and sets new trends with brave direction, ground-breaking visuals and award-winning story-lines. BAFTA nominated, Hollyoaks has won a number of prestigious awards including but not limited to; a National Television Award (2008) and various British Soap Awards.

Utilizing the best young directing talent around gives the show a pace and style that's unrivalled on British serial drama. Shot almost entirely on single camera, Hollyoaks has a beautifully lit, filmic quality and pace that makes other soaps' production values look positively prehistoric. And with the most attractive and vibrant cast currently on British TV, Hollyoaks is one of the most iconic and stylistic on-screen brands.

The youthful Hollyoaks production and writing team ensures the show has wit and an evocative style that is unique to serial drama. The show uses a light hearted, upbeat, often irreverent look at life - through the eyes of our primarily young cast to reflect the aspirations, fears and preoccupations of modern young adults. This gives Hollyoaks a sharp youth focus that doesn't shy away from tackling hands-on issues. Sensitive yet entertaining, Hollyoaks weaves together high octane who-dunnits with tender love stories and character driven issue based strands but at all times celebrating adolescence - the age of adventure and first experiences.

Often using thematic music and non-naturalistic techniques, the show consistently breaks the mould. With such brave storytelling, it's no wonder Hollyoaks is so highly addictive.

The popularity of this dynamic drama has facilitated a succession of Hollyoaks spin off series and TV specials. The thriving brand extensions encapsulate the show's unique formula of cutting edge drama, laugh-out-loud humour and evocative style and engages the target demographic on a number of different levels. The ground-breaking and hard-hitting Hollyoaks Later series allows the audience to delve deeper into the lives, loves and misdemeanors of their favourite Hollyoaks characters. The Hollyoaks Music Show with showcases Lime Pictures' ability to capitalise on the familiar Hollyoaks brand to create a completely different strand. And Hollyoaks: the Morning After the Night Before and Hollyoaks: Freshers took the brand online with a multi-layered drama that was accessible across a number of digital platforms.

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