Gogglebox TX: 7 Mar 2013, Week 10


Every night over 20 million of us enjoy an evening in front of the telly, but imagine if the TV looked back at you - what would it see? Channel 4 goes into the living rooms across Britain to get the nation’s real reactions to the week’s biggest and best TV shows.

Gogglebox is a brand new entertainment factual series which will see Britain's most opinionated households comment freely on the biggest and best shows on television. Filmed over seven days from the comfort of their own sofas, these telly fanatics will be asked to critique and review popular and topical TV shows and the breaking news stories of the week. Produced within an extremely quick turnaround means only the most relevant and current TV shows will be the talking points of these living rooms in Britain.

The selected Gogglebox households are the experts when it comes to what's on the box, they are entertaining, outspoken, emotional and irreverent and not only do they love to watch telly - they love to talk about it too.

Each week, they could be asked to comment on the nation's favourite soaps such as Eastenders and Coronation Street or the gripping drama that everyone’s talking about. Popular Saturday night entertainment shows will be fiercely debated as well as hard hitting factual documentaries and the water cooler love-to-hate shows. All of this could be easily interrupted by breaking news stories and controversial TV events; but whatever is on the box these households won’t be holding back on their opinions.

Friends, families and flatmates across the UK live their lives in front of the TV watching an average of four hours and two minutes of television every single day. Gogglebox will show the best of the nation's sofa loving households to witness and capture their hours spent in front of the telly and find out what Britain really thinks.

Caroline Aherne, creator and star of The Royle Family, is the narrator of Gogglebox.

Gogglebox is a 4-part series and starts on Thursday 7th March at 10pm on Channel 4.


Leon and June from Liverpool


Leon (78) and June (75) have been married for 52 years and both are retired teachers. Leon taught History and June was an English teacher. As well as enjoying watching telly, Leon is a keen Bridge player, while June enjoys swimming.

The Michael family from Brighton


Retired hotelier Andrew (53) and his wife Carolyne (51) have been married for 27 years. They live together with son Louis (16), who is studying for his GSCE’s. The family also have a daughter Alex (22), who is studying for a Masters in Computer science; other daughter Katie is travelling in Australia and son Pascal is a Neuroscience student in Aberdeen. When the whole family are home together they love debating what’s on telly.

The Tapper family from North London


Nikki (40) and husband Jonathan (45) have lived in North London for 16 years. Jonathan previously owned a kosher restaurant but for the last four-and-half years has worked as a chauffeur. Nikki works as a nursery teacher. This Jewish couple have two children (Josh, 15, and Amy, 13) and describe their family life as 'never dull and certainly never quiet.’

Stephen and Chris from Brighton


Chris Steed (36) and Stephen Webb (41) have been together for five-and-a-half months. They are both hairdressers and first met nine years ago but lost contact when Stephen moved to London. However their paths crossed again and they started dating. Stephen spends most of his time at Chris’ home in Brighton, where they love a takeaway and a relaxing night in front of the telly.

The Allen sisters from Essex


The Allen sisters all live with their parents in their childhood home in Essex. Eldest sister Louise (32) got married in 2010 in Marbella and has moved her husband in, while their flat is being renovated. Along with siblings Gemma (29) and Charlotte (28), Louise runs their own fashion business. The girls love the big reality shows, particularly Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Gill and Helen from Maidstone


Great-grandmother Helen Tait (86) has lived in her residential mobile home park for 26 years. She has four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Helen’s daughter Gill Gibson (62) lived in South Africa for 38 years but returned to England three years ago and now lives with her. Mum and daughter spend most evenings in front of the telly.

Best friends Sandra and Sandy from London


Sandra Martin (51) has lived in Brixton, South London for the last 46 years. She has four children and two grandchildren and looks after her youngest grandchild Shiloh five days a week. She and best friend Sandy Channer (48), a native Brixtonite, have been friends for over 40 years. They are both unemployed and spend their evenings together watching anything from the soaps to sitcoms.

The Siddiqui family from Derby


Father of the family Sid (68, real name Mohammed) is an engineer by trade, but now works in the Healthcare industry. He was born in Pakistan and moved to Derby when he was 16. He married 36 years ago in an arranged marriage and he and his wife have two daughters and three sons. He always watches television with his boys and his favourite television show is Coronation Street. Umar (35) is the only single one left of his sons and works as a Microbiologist in a hospital; Baasit (30) has been married for six months and is an IT teacher; Raza (34) is an Estate Agent.

Chris and Colin Staples from Manchester


Chris (42) has lived with his father Colin (73) in Manchester for the last two years. Chris’ daughter Erin comes to stay every weekend. Chris works for an airport car parking company as a minibus driver and Colin used to run a sandwich bar near his home up until four years ago.

Best friends Steven and Michael from Liverpool


Michael Wilcock (31) is a service engineer who fixes cash machines. Originally from Liverpool, he now lives in Wigan. Body conscious Michael is a gym fanatic and really likes to keep his abs in shape for the ladies. Steven Dermott (25) works as a labourer for his father’s building firm in Liverpool. At the weekend, the boys enjoy watching telly together; their favourite show is Top Gear.

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