Geeks TX: 30 Dec 2013, Week 1

Episode 6, Monday 30th December, 8pm, E4

In this episode, we’ll find out what three Sci-Fi Superhero-loving girls and four boys, more skilled in the art of obscure Japanese card game Yugioh than the Black Jack table make of the bright, neon-lit force to be reckoned with that is Las Vegas.

Even from the outset, it looks like the party capital may prove overwhelming for some as Esti reveals she has never been out later than 11pm and wonders how she will fare with the decadent, all-night party scene of Vegas.

When the superhero girls arrive at their multi-million dollar villa, one thing they are not expecting is to be joined by a gaggle of geeky guys, which is exactly what happens when Karl, Drew, Ben and Luke appear with their suitcases.

Shock over, it isn’t long before the first VIP night out beckons. Despite having the bright lights of Las Vegas on their doorstep, the shy superheroes can’t be persuaded to join in with a bonding night of clubbing, leaving the card-loving lads to party on their own whilst they catch an early night.

The next morning the fancy dress obsessed girls decide to geek out at a costume emporium. With the boys in tow, a superhero dress up extravaganza ensues and the two groups start to warm to each other.

Things hot up even more when party partner, Vegas VIP Joel gives them the VIP treatment at a glamorous pool party awash with bikini-clad girls and introduces them to one of Sin City’s coolest clubs for their last night out. With all seven geeks burning the midnight oil to dance the night away and Karl finding the confidence to chat to several girls, the night has been a success.

With new friendships forged and initial awkwardness banished, the guys and the girls head home having discovered that the bright lights of Vegas aren’t as blinding as they once thought.

Episode 5, Monday 23rd December, 8pm, E4

In this episode, three cosplay (costume play) and four online-gaming obsessed boys venture far outside their world of warcraft into the glamorous hills of LA. When the gamers realise their lads holiday has been invaded by girls in cartoon costumes, they’re worried about mixing with people outside their trusted brotherhood – not to mention ones in yellow superhero masks. But rather than getting to know their new roommates, the boys opt for awkward silence.

On day two, the group venture out to Venice. While the girls are captivated by the body beautiful, the bravado of Muscle Beach leaves the boys feeling uneasy and they abandon the first group outing of the holiday. On a beach that Brady deems ‘worse than Blackpool’, the boys choose rollerblading over pectoral ogling and Darren experiments with his own superhero identity. The group split doesn’t help with holiday bonding and the girls are more entertained by the local pigeons than the geeky gamers.

When the girls are approached on the beach by a group of glamorous LA socialites, they are excited to meet party partner, it-girl and daughter of David, Taylor Hasselhoff who promises to show them the hottest Hollywood nightlife. The girls are hopeful that Taylor’s chirpiness and local knowledge will tempt the guys out of their safety zone, but they are less than impressed. A trendy bar doesn't seem to cheer up the gamers and they are indifferent when they realise Taylor is the daughter of Hollywood royalty. The girls however are delighted to be mingling in celebrity circles - particularly Ashleigh who has gelled very well with Taylor.

Craving more celeb action, the girls take an open-top bus tour to spot the likes of Orlando Bloom. Joined by gaming guys Darren and Luke, it's the first time the boys have been apart and they begin to realise there is life outside their circle of confidantes. For Tony and Brady who are back at the villa, the time apart gives them a moment to reflect – maybe they do need to get out more after all.

Clad in high street rather than high-end, the geeks feel like they've stepped into a movie scene as Taylor gets them VIP access to an exclusive club. The boys finally begin to relax into their showbiz surroundings and mingle with the ladies, without a games console in sight. But there are storm clouds on the horizon when Aisha feels left out as the boys continue to stick together and Taylor and Ashleigh carry on their close friendship. The next day, she and Becca sample the delights of Japan Town, while Ashleigh explains the awkward situation to the oblivious boys.

On their last night in Hollywood, Luke convinces Aisha to join them for one final blowout in the OC where Taylor’s pals and the geeks get along famously, proving they aren’t that different after all. As their time in LA comes to an end, the ‘geeks’ bid an emotional farewell to the city of angels.

Episode 4, Monday 16th December, 8pm, E4

In this episode, three magic obsessed males, and three Sherlock fanatic females zoom into Greek party island, Zante. After a tense meeting by the pool, the boys are not too pleased about sharing their palatial pad with a group of girls and self-proclaimed mind reader Chris wonders if he should take an early flight out of paradise.

Day two in the Grecian party capital kicks off with birthday celebrations for 19-year-old supernatural fan Aida and the news that Chris has woken with a sunnier outlook and decided to give the island and his holiday housemates another chance .

Heading to the beach, the Magicians hope to prove their Paul Daniels prowess by showing local ladies just where their talents lie. Performance shy Shaun attempts to step out of his comfort zone; but stage fright gets the better of him. Tom, not shy of a performance or two, wows the group with his magic – including their party partner Tia, who invites everyone to an exclusive boat party.

As they go all aboard on the good ship ‘VVIP Zante’ Tom settles himself in by wowing the crowds with his terrific card trickery. Shaun remains firmly in the background and Chris has a party epiphany deciding that partying with the buff and beautiful isn’t as much of a chore as he first thought. But not everyone is in the party mood as birthday girl Aida is finding Chris difficult to deal with.

As her birthday comes to an end, Aida and the supernatural girls break away from the magicians and Chris decides Zante’s not for him and makes the difficult decision to leave.

The next day, the remaining ‘geeks’ head to the beach and whilst some get in the swing of a life filled with sea, sun and beach inflatables, Aida still finds it difficult to break out of her shell and have a good time.

As another party comes along so does another awkward social situation for the Geeks – Tom tries to convince Shaun to overcome his stage fright and finally perform magic in front of a crowd. With Shaun shying away from the crowd, Aida finally finds her party mojo and lets herself relax and have fun.

Magic man Tom commands the crowd with his illusions, but Shaun’s place remains firmly as the Sorcerer’s apprentice, staying well away from the limelight.

On the last night out, it’s time to hit the clubs and end the week with a bang. Shaun miraculously fights his magical demons and performs card tricks a plenty to revelers on the strip. For the girls it’s also a magical night as they party hard, coming home as the sun comes up.

As they head home both the illusion of magicians and the coven of supernatural ‘geeks’ celebrate losing their inhibitions, gaining some confidence and looking forward to a Zante trip again in the not too distant future.

Episode 3, Monday 9th December, 8pm, E4

In this episode, four brass banders from York are shocked to discover they are sharing a luxury villa in Greek partying mecca, Malia with four Cosplay (costume play) girls from Basildon.

After an uncomfortable first meeting, the boys are quick to criticise the girls’ unique choice of hobby behind their backs. Criticism turns to horror as the boys lay eyes on Cosplay girl Kim and her scarily-realistic zombie make up and it becomes apparent that this geeky group pairing may not be a match made in heaven.

On their first full day in the raucous party town of Malia, the reluctant ravers meet their enthusiastic party partner, MC Reckless. Intent on introducing the geeks to the hottest spots on the local scene, Reckless is certain they will be booking a return holiday before the week’s end. But trumpet player Nick is not convinced, declaring from the outset that Malia is not his type of holiday destination, and given half a chance he would destroy it and replace it with retirement homes.

Their first taste of life in the VIP fast lane is a visit to an explosive pool party and bikini beauty contest. But all doesn’t go swimmingly, as the boys take offence explaining that they are gentlemen and don’t agree with the morality of the competition.

With the boys down on Malia, Alistair – ordinarily the self-proclaimed granny of the group – convinces them that they can’t come to one of the world’s largest party destinations and avoid the night life. They reluctantly agree to a night out on the strip, provided they can have a cup of tea first.

Meanwhile in the Cosplay camp, the gruesome prosthetics have come off and Kim is realising that it takes more effort to stand on the side-lines and feel awkward than it does to face her fears, jump in and join the fun.

After their first night out, Alistair admits to Nick that he is starting to really get into the ‘vibe’ of Malia. Wanting everyone to enjoy it, he pleads with Nick to set aside his judgements and let go for one night.

On the last night out, the clubs finally seem to be playing Nick’s music and he gets in to the groove - throwing shapes that no one ever thought he would.

When Alistair reveals his “I heart Malia’ t-shirt, MC Reckless points out that one granny is heading home a man and the rest of the group have cast aside their inhibitions and become true Malia fans, just as he had hoped.

Episode 2, Monday 2nd December, 8pm, E4

The second episode of the series sees four self-proclaimed Computer Nerds from Stalybridge and four Bookworms from Barrow dropped into the world’s clubbing capital: Ibiza.

Disaster strikes early when super Gamer Chris’ loses his luggage and things don’t get much better when the boys see the girls and realize they’ll be sharing the luxury villa, resulting in a meeting more awkward than a first school disco: girls on one side, boys on the other.

The ice thaws when the Gamers realise the girls have brought their gaming consoles and spend their first morning together on the White Isle indoors playing group Mario Cart. But their fun is soon interrupted by party partner Matt Peacock who drops the bombshell that he’ll be taking them to the coolest VIP hot spots on the island. The geeky gang is not impressed.

Their first outing with Matt is a glamorous boat party awash with trendy bikini-clad women. With luggage-less Chris stuck in the same sweaty black t-shirt from yesterday and library lover Louise slightly overwhelmed by the beautiful people on board, the boat trip doesn’t get off to the smoothest start. But after a pep talk from Matt and the realization that their sexy shipmates weren’t so bad after all, the geeks begin to enjoy themselves and we discover that a romance between Louise and Andy might be on the horizon – if they can just get over their shyness.

Back at the house, Andy unsuccessfully tries to chat up Louise whilst she’s making dinner and subsequently decides to spend the evening in, as the rest of the group head out to their first VIP clubbing experience. Their preferential treatment at the club fails to impress Louise, but in the light of a new day, she regrets her negativity and vows to try harder to embrace the experience.

The following night, Andy finally makes it out with the gang, but overindulges on the alcohol - leaving his pal Al to begin a flirtatious licking match with Louise. On the final night, the newly-formed love triangle crumbles completely when Andy goes home early and Al makes his move on Louise with a magnificently awkward kiss which earns him less-than-complimentary advice on his technique.

As their time on the hedonistic party isle comes to an end, the Bookworms and the Gamers reminisce on all they’ve learnt, the friends they’ve made and the confidence they’ve gained. As for Al and Louise’s budding romance…well, watch this space.

Episode 1, Monday 25th November, 8pm, E4

Geeks sees groups of self-confessed geeks swap quantum physics for glow sticks as they go on a holiday of a lifetime.

Awkwardness on a grand scale will ensue, as each week a group of nerdy boys and geeky girls jet off to one of the world’s most notorious party destinations to live together and be given VIP AAA passes to the hottest clubs and parties for the first time in their lives.

In this first episode, we meet four girls from Norwich University’s Quidditich team, who prefer a casual cruise on their broomsticks to a high-octane cruise on a party boat, as they are dropped in to the glamorous party paradise that is Marbella. Unsurprisingly, the girls aren’t impressed as they find themselves surrounded by bikini-clad holidaymakers and wonder what they’ve let themselves in for.

Dread turns to delight as the girls check in to their lavish five star villa, but their peace is soon shattered by the arrival of three unexpected housemates: the boys. These three physics nerds from York find it tough to even talk to the opposite sex, let alone share a home with them and it’s evident from the outset that they have absolutely no idea how to handle the feisty Quidditch players.

That night, the group are introduced to their party partner Ross AKA ‘Mr Marbella’, who leads them through the velvet rope of a clubbing hot spot and in to their very own VIP Jacuzzi room. But disaster strikes for physicist Pete as he realizes he’s left his swim shorts at home. Opting to take the plunge in his undies, it’s not long before it all gets too much for the tongue-tied scientist - and he’s not alone. Quidditch girl Stevie is struggling to acclimatize to the vast differences in the in-crowd’s lifestyle and feels like she’ll never get on with the girls in the high heels and skimpy dresses.

As the week progresses, the two geeky groups begin to bond over their aversion to the outlandish Marbella party people. This is strengthened when Ross scores them an invite to an exclusive pool party. They feel like fish out of water as the party types cavort in the pool, but it’s not long before the girls are chatted up and the boys make waves with the in-crowd.

On their penultimate night out, the group gets the VIP treatment at one of Marbella’s hippest clubs and actually find themselves enjoying it. They like the music, and Jacob, probably the shyest of the Scientists talks to some girls he’s never met, and dances with them – a major milestone for him. We also see a friendship growing between Stevie and Sam – could a holiday romance be on the cards?

On a high after their night on the tiles, the geeks hatch a plan: they decide to invite Ross and his mates over to experience their ultimate party, which involves both Quidditch and physics. As Marbs’ elite descend on the villa they are initially anxious, but soon find their groove. Pete breakdances in one of the most awkward dance offs Marbella has ever seen, but it goes down brilliantly. The house chants his name and Ross proclaims he is a ‘Marbella Boy’. Meanwhile, Sam decides that the Marbs revelers aren’t as pretentious as he first thought, but has to get over the fact that Stevie only sees him as a mate.

As our geeky gang leave the bright lights of Marbs and head home, they reflect on all they’ve learned - their new found confidence, new found friends, some new found dance moves and a realization that they were just as guilty of judging a book by its cover as the in-crowd themselves.

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