Fresh Meat TX: 9 Oct 2012, Week 41


The housemates are back for a second series of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong's multi-award winning Fresh Meat and there is plenty in store for Vod, JP, Kingsley, Josie, Oregon and Howard this term...

Returning to Hartnell Avenue this term a little bit older but not much wiser are JP (Jack Whitehall - Bad Education); Kingsley (Joe Thomas - The Inbetweeners); Josie (Kimberley Nixon - Elfie Hopkins), Howard (Greg McHugh, Gary: Tank Commander); Vod (Zawe Ashton - Case Histories) and Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) but this term there is a new housemate to be found...

Executive producer Judy Counihan, from Objective Productions, outlines the new series: "The writing and directing teams are the same as the last series and they know the characters so well now they're able to play more with the relationships and interaction between the housemates and new characters. I think there is greater depth to the stories as a result and more enjoyment to be had from watching our gang navigate through their first year at Uni.

"There is a new arrival in the house this term - "a foreigner" to mess with their vibe. Kingsley has a new girlfriend who happens to be Josie's best friend, Vod has to get a job, Oregon finds true love and Howard and JP discover true friendship."

Fresh Meat writer Tony Roche agrees saying: "I think the second series is really interesting. The characters are still in their first year (this series spans their second and third terms) - but they are a little bit more self-aware. They're trying to present themselves in certain ways. But in other ways reality is setting in. They're struggling for money and they're already being forced to start thinking about the future. But there are some big surprises ahead of them."

Talking about the writing team that produces the comedy drama, he explains: "Writing as part of such a talented team is a bit like having group sex - it's enjoyable, but demoralising when you see how good everyone else is at it.

"They say two heads are better than one. Our writing team has eight heads. This enables us to have much bigger arguments than would be otherwise be possible. But when we're not shouting over each other and can actually hear what's being said some good things do come out. Sam and Jesse run an incredibly generous writer's room and are very receptive to other people's ideas. And it's a phenomenally talented bunch of writers. I've learnt a lot in that writer's room. Mainly, how much better the other writers are.

"Ironically, the writer's room has a slight university feel about it. We didn't really know each other before starting on the show and we'd meet up in this small room and chat a bit like you would do in a shared kitchen in halls. And then of course we'd go away and write our scripts and come back and talk about how we got on with our essay deadlines. It feels like when the show finishes we should all move to London and get a flat together.

"It's a real joy to work on the show. Sam and Jesse have created such great characters that it's a lot of fun just to hang out with them and hear what they're saying. There's a bit of me that would actually like to move in to the house. Although having said that - I've been on set and seen the state of the kitchen..."

Fresh Meat guest stars include Jelka van Houten (Jackie) as Sabine, Sophie Wu (The Fades) as Heather, Robert Webb as Geology lecturer Dan and Tony Gardner as Professor Shales.

Fresh Meat is made by Objective Productions. It is produced by Rhonda Smith and executive produced by Judy Counihan. Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Phil Clarke and Andrew Newman are also executive producers. It is commissioned by Roberto Troni, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Drama.

Fresh Meat House

To coincide with series two Objective Productions Scotland and Maverick Television's multiplatform team have come together to create Fresh Meat House, a new commission for Channel 4 Education, an immersive experience that allows users to explore an online version of the student house from the hit series.

The award-winning writing team behind Fresh Meat have created a range of exclusive video content featuring each of the main characters building on the in-show storylines, exploring key themes relevant to Education's 16+ demographic, such as sexuality, navigating relationships, financial woes, and careers.

Updated weekly, users will be able to explore each of the housemates' rooms, uncovering a virtual treasure trove of fun, free content, from going through JP's Google search history to delving into Josie's email folder, and a heap of other playful interactive tools, giving an intimate glimpse into the lives, loves and sordid bedrooms of the Fresh Meat crew.

Produced by Judy Counihan, Rhonda Smith, Paul Murray and Claire McCardle, written by Tony Roche and Keith Akushie and scripted material directed by Tony Roche and Peter Lydon.

Go to for a tour of the student digs and to watch exclusive content released at the end of each episode...

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