Fat Family Tree (w/t)


In a television first, Channel 4 reveals how unlocking the secret of our genes could provide the answer to whether some people today are just born to become fat, regardless of how they try to combat it.

Presented by Dr Dawn Harper (Embarrassing Bodies), Fat Family Tree (w/t) uses cutting-edge genetic analysis to help an overweight family and reveals what we could all learn from gene science to help with our own weight issues.

The McConnon family have all tried and failed time and time again to lose weight. After several family members died from obesity-related illnesses they’ve realised they need to make changes fast. Now, they take a unique DNA test to find out if the genes they have inherited could help explain their weight problems.

Working with scientists from Cambridge, Imperial and Glasgow universities the show reveals how variations in genes can mean some people are more at risk of struggling to feel full, storing fat more easily in high risk parts of the body and even preferring the taste of sweet or fatty foods.

Armed with the information extracted from the DNA test, Fat Family Tree's (w/t) team of experts devise a unique, tailor-made diet and exercise regime targeted exactly at what each person needs to do to get their weight down. Four months later, have the McConnons finally managed to beat their lifelong struggle against obesity?

Prod co: Outline Productions

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30 Jan 2014, 03:00
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