Fallen City

Fallen City is a strategic urban puzzle game in which players must inspire the denizens of a derelict city to overcome cynicism and restore the former glory of their home. Imprisoned by boredom, and disillusioned by broken promises, the creatures in Fallen City need a helping hand to take care of themselves and their buildings.

The challenge Fallen City sets itself is to demonstrate to a teenage audience why cities are so valuable to us, and what must be done to take care of them. Taking elements of urban theory, such as Broken Windows Theory - which describes how taking care of an urban environment can improve the behaviour of its inhabitants -

Fallen City delivers its message through playful caricature. By intertwining a number of fundamental ideas about what cities are in a cartoon parody of British towns, this becomes a game; showing how learning through electronic play can be both interactive and allegorical.

Developed by Big Robot and commissioned by Channel 4 Education, Fallen City will be a freely distributed education title for Mac and PC. It's time to get the Fallen City back on its feet!

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