Deal or No Deal Live


TX: Weekdays from Monday 10th October, 4pm, Channel 4

For the first time ever in the programme's history, Channel 4 will air live shows of the popular game show Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal Live starts 4pm, Monday 10th October and over two weeks, 12 hour-long episodes of the nail-biting game show will play out live from the Dream Factory where contestants must play a game of luck and risk in an attempt to win the £250,000 prize.

At the helm of this live extravaganza will of course be Noel Edmonds, and as always the dastardly Banker will be keeping an eye on proceedings endeavouring to thwart the attempts of the contestants to win big.

In a new twist to the show, contestants do not know yet know that they will be playing the game. Noel will be making his way around the country, knocking on doors to surprise the contestants. So you never know, if you hear the doorbell ring... it could be you!

Since the show's launch in 2005, there have been some classic games, some unbelievably tense moments, lots of dressing up and three quarter-millionaires! Will the Deal or No Deal Live see the crowning of a new quarter-millionaire? Or will the penny-pinching Banker be adding even more members to his infamous 1p club?

Noel Edmonds said: "On the eve of our 6th birthday these are going to be some of the most exciting Deal or No Deal shows ever. Players who right now have absolutely no idea that I will be tapping them on the shoulder and asking if they want to play TV's most exciting game. Going live puts enormous pressure on the players. These shows are not for the faint hearted or indecisive - and that includes me!"

The Banker said: "This is an evil dream come true. Deal or No Deal - Live in front of the nation. Hopefully some poor hapless chump will blow their dreams to smithereens and the children of Britain will be forced to watch them unravel in glorious detail because we still have 5 whole minutes to fill until Celebrity Coach Trip."


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